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Find/Add Shop Hop Events

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Find/Add Shop Hop Events

Our community asked for the ability to include a map of the shops in shop hop events.  We improved the add process.  Here are the advantages:

  1. Click the shops that are part of the hop (event if they are not yet activated).  Inactive pages will not appear on the map until the shop activates their page, but you can check them off an forget it.
  2. No need to have your own website for the shop hop, just point to QuiltingHub's event page and skip the cost and overhead of having your own site.
  • With over 3,400 events, over 40,000 quilters, and more traffic than our former competitors*; you get high traffic.

* We have been getting more traffic to QuiltingHub than Quilter's Companion, Needle Travel, or Quilt Shop Navigator since August 2013.  These use to be our competitors.


Shops hops can be found like any other event.  When the event detail is displayed, a map of the participating shops will appear.  Each shop that appears has an activate page so each location is accurate and reliable.

Below is the core event showing the participants:

Adding a Shop Hop

You add a shop hop like any other event. You click the pencil on the events tab from your shop page.  Any shop may enter the event and select the participating shops.  Once entered, that shop maintain control. 
Now you can click shops even if their pages are not yet activated.  This saves you time.  Missing shops may be added off the home page by either you or the owner of the missing shop.  Once added you may edit the event and selected (include) the shop. We recommend you email the inactive shops to have them activate.  Contact us if they or you need help.

Very Basic/Simple Edit Page (New):

When you click the shops button, this is what appears:


  • Not all pages can create all types of events. If you do not see it, contact us.
  • Images are from our test/development system and do not reflect real events or pages.
  • Some quilt shops refuse to be part of the web or refuse to join QuiltingHub.  Just remember everyone is different. Some shop owners opened a shop to have fun, not to logically run or build a business.  It may take your effort to sway them to help themselves by getting a page on QuiltingHub.  If they are your friend, help them.


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