About QuiltingHub


We have become the centralized and most trusted source of quilting information (shops, brands, guilds, professionals, and museums) in the industry.

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About QuiltingHub


Our goal is to grow quilting worldwide through information and education. Make it easy for quilters to find resources and for those resources to not only be found and to get noticed using premium member listings. We educate quilters and those resources on how to grow themselves and the industry.

We began in 2009. We join over 400,000 quilters with 22,000 quilting resources at a rate of 1 Million page views a month. Those resources include quilt shops, online shops, brands, groups, professionals, and museums. We have implemented a system with the highest level of accuracy in the industry because we are community maintained. All content is added and maintained by you, not us.


Quilter Benefits:

You get access to our newsletter, how-to quilting articles, terminology, quilt shops, internet shops, groups, museums, brands, service professionals, and a wide range of quilting events. Search by maps, lists, calendar, and about every conceivable way include the award winning Trip Planner™.


Member Listing Benefits:

When you have a member listing for your quilt shop, internet shop, group, museum, brand, or service professional; you get the best visibility in the industry plus extra benefits. Those additional benefits include our newsletter and a rich set of articles helping you to grow quilting for your organization and worldwide.


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