QuiltingHub V4.0 Released


Discusses and shows the new enhancements in QuiltingHub v4.0

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QuiltingHub V4.0 Released

At the end of May in 2015, we proudly released QuiltingHub v.4.0.  The primary focus was a modern professional look, 100% mobile friendly, and easier to use.  V4.0 delivers on our mission to lead and innovate.

Modern Easy

QuiltingHub has been around since 2010, and we have lead the industry as the most used site to find quilt shops since August of 2012.  We achieved #1 by listening to you and delivering what you want. This new release continues our commitment to you and the industry.


Enhancement Summary


Improved Home Page

We have modernized the site, removed the clutter, and added a revolutionary search wizard to make it extremely easy to use. It combines all your favorite searches into one app and is 100% mobile friendly. Because the App is on the home page, it makes it very convenient for smart phone users to save the page and use it as an app. No fancy downloads or installs. Just go to QuiltingHub, and you are ready to go.


Search Wizard App

This new app is amazing. Everyone who has used it says, "Why use anything else?" It is easier to use then any other site or book. Combine that with our accuracy and it assures we will stay #1 for the next century.

The app has four buttons:

  • Map - Get a map of local resources (shops, guilds, etc), or local events anywhere in the world.
  • Trip Planner - Get a map of quilt shops & museums, or quilt shows, sales, and shop hops along a trip route. For example all the shops or hops from Boston to Miami.
  • List - Get a list of any resource or event by category. For example, all Quilt Shops or all Shop Hops.
  • By Name - This is a stunning new feature. Start typing the name of any resource or event, and it begins showing matches as you type. When you see the one you want, click it. It searches all resources (shops, brands, guilds, service professionals, etc) and all events.  I know,
    amazing, stunning, fabulous,

Examples of each:


Common Used Links Added to Footer

The bottom of every page has the most commonly used site links. All the common support, listing tools, and search links are organized at the bottom of the page. So if you don't like the menus, it is all on screen.


Improved Images on member pages

Member listing images went from four small click-able images, to large sliding images on the page. So you get a feel for them instantly. Very impressive.


Improved Links on member pages

The social links are now intuitively easy to understand what they are. This will improve interaction. See the image above.


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

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