How do you remove yellow age spots on quilts?

How do you remove yellow age spots on quilts?  I do not want to risk damaging the quilt.  Thanks!

asked 11/10/2013
Claire Scott14
Claire Scott

2 Answers

I used to restore antique quilts for a dealer in Maine and I finally asked her how she got them so clean and brite, she told me used Amway products.  I'm not familiar with their products so I couldn't tell you any more info, but I was always amazed how white they were.    


answered 8/3/2015 debra hitchings 2
debra hitchings
You can use a product called Orvis Quilt Soap (from your local quilt shop). Soak it in Orvis and distilled water for at least 24 hours. Check to make sure it is working and any embroidery isn't running or bleeding. If after 24 hours, the stains are fading, but not gone, continue soaking.

Put the quilt in your washer and use the spin cycle to remove the water and Orvis. Rinse it and spin out a few more times. Spread it out to dry or use the low setting on your dryer.
answered 11/19/2013 Donna Walsh 33
Donna Walsh

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