What is the best time during the quilting process to add embellishments?

What is the best time during the quilting process to add embellishments?
asked 11/13/2013
Claire Scott14
Claire Scott

3 Answers

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answered 10/6/2018 bedufogiv 99 4
bedufogiv 99
If I am doing a quilt that has a lot of embellishments such as appliques/yo-yo's, etc. - I usually complete the top, quilt it and complete it right to the binding...then take the time to add the embellishments afterwards.  Some embellishments can be too think for long-arm quilting....also, there are some embellishments that I wouldn't want to be quilted....
answered 11/24/2013 Bill Locke 3
Bill Locke

I would never put embellishments on until it is totally quilted and bound!! Too much trouble to work around if you embellish before the quilting is finished.


answered 11/19/2013 Jeannie Smith 2
Jeannie Smith

If your embellishments are bulky or could damage the quilting process on a long arm, but them in after quilting.  If they can be quilted, quilted around (free motion), or quilted into (free motion), then put them in before quilting.

If you feel the sandwiching and basting process would not be affected by your embellishments, then  you can put them in the top before sandwiching.

answered 11/19/2013 Donna Walsh 33
Donna Walsh

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