How to prevent bunching up while feather quilting on a frame?

A feather design I am using bunches or puckers as I quilt.

I have tried adjusted upper and lower tension. I tried to tighten and loosen the quilt on frame and nothing works. Any thoughts appreciated.

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asked 11/13/2013
Claire Scott14
Claire Scott

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If you are using a long arm, there are many things to look at: 

  1. When the backing has more tension on the roller than the batting and quilt top, it tends to pucker because of the tension.  The tension must be correct throughout: top thread, bobbin thread and quilt layers. If you change anything (thread or bobbin), recheck the tension.
  2. If you prefer to baste on the frame, once you get the top, backing and batting on the frame, make sure that it is squared with respect to the frame. You can baste across the top and down the sides as far as the frame allows. Begin quilting designs across as laid out on the quilt guide. As you advance the quilt, baste down the sides as I go. 
  3. If you prefer to baste your sandwich before mounting the frame and it is puckering then the basting stitches may be too close together.  Try basting from the center outwards forming a large X.  After this, you can do four lines of stitching parallel to the horizontal and four to the perpendicular lines. This should secure the sandwich to prevent the puckering.

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answered 11/19/2013 Donna Walsh 33
Donna Walsh

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