Where to find quilt restoration services

I have an antique quilt that I want to give for Christmas, but it needs restoration.  I do not have the time, knowledge or desire to restore it myself.  I am looking for suggestions.

asked 11/10/2013
Claire Scott14
Claire Scott

2 Answers

I restore quills.   But I live in Montana! !  Tricia



answered 8/2/2015 Tricia Thurman-Beckman 3
Tricia Thurman-Beckman
I know that www.QuiltHistory.com has a list of people who can restore quilts.  It does not have ratings and some of the people on the list no longer provide the services, but it is a place you can look.
answered 11/10/2013 Phyllis Burnside 9
Phyllis Burnside

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