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just getting into quilting so what is the cheapest online retailer for selling fabric at the moment im just looking for solid colors

asked 3/4/2014
Adam Cantrell2
Adam Cantrell

4 Answers

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answered 5 months ago Alexender Smith 2
Alexender Smith
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answered 8/18/2018 shira falix 2
shira falix

Fabric.com  is a great online resource for fabric at a greet price.   I have purchased from them many times and have never been disappointed.  Also free shipping after $35.

answered 8/2/2015 Tricia Thurman-Beckman 3
Tricia Thurman-Beckman

As a new quilter you DO NOT want "the cheapest fabric". You want the best quality fabric you can find withing your budget.

Go on a "field trip". Go to the local Big Box fabric store and feel their cotton solids. Make sure they are 100% cotton.

Then go to a quilt shop and feel their cottons.

The difference is called the "hand".

It's not unlike the thread count in bedsheets.

answered 8/20/2014 Patti Walker Rusk 2
Patti Walker Rusk

Thousands of Bolts sells Bella Solids for the most reasonable price I have found--$4.99/yd and they ship really fast, although the site doesn't always have every Bella color available. I have the Bella Color Chart and can coordinate the solids with the fabric I already have. The site also has a "color matcher" feature to allow you to match up a particular color with another fabric.

answered 6/2/2014 Jean 2
If you are just getting started, the best advise is to find a LOCAL supplier that can help you to become a good quilter. The benefits will greatly outweigh the "savings" you might find by buying cheap. Good luck!
answered 3/11/2014 Vicki Gillespie 2
Vicki Gillespie

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