So what sewing foot did you end up using to get your quarter inch seam right?

asked 10/27/2015
Teresa Seamon2
Teresa Seamon

2 Answers

I use a 1/4" foot bought for my Bernina 125. On my Featherweights, rather than using a special 1/4" foot, I simply use the left, longer toe of the standard FW foot. This also works on Vintage Singer machines. If a student brings his/her own machine without the foot, I suggest either painters' tape (which doesn't leave a residue on the machine surface) or a thin stack of Sticky Notes (also residue-free.)

If I'm looking for a 'scant' quarter inch seam, I am able on the Bernina to move my needle one position to the left or right, depending on how I'm stitching.
answered 2/6/2016 Terry Palardy 15
Terry Palardy
Most machine brands have a "cheater foot" available and may be in the kit that came with the machine. The foot edge is 1/4 inch from needle center. You use the foot edge as a guide. In lieu of that, some people use a piece of colored tape on the machine as a guide. When quilting do not move the tape until the project is finished. Inconsistent seams are a nightmare on a quilt.
answered 12/20/2015 Bruce Stingley 2
Bruce Stingley

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