Types Of Listings On The QuiltingHub Network

The listing types which may exist in the system are found in the chart below. Some are free, and others have nominal fees to be on QuiltingHub and the the QuiltingHub network of websites and books. For general information about the site, click About Us.

Free listings (those without a member page) are verified by the community or the page owner every 30 days. Claimed listings are verified every 90 days.  Unclaimed listings disappear after 30 days if not verified or claimed. If your listing is free, it is imperative that you claim your listing to prevent it from disappearing.  Paid Member pages are automatically verified with each monthly payment, which is why it is monthly.

Click Add Or Suggest A Listing from any page. Any organization may add any number of events into the world calendar for no additional fees. Click Events from your member page.

These are the types of listings and member pages that can appear on QuiltingHub. If fees apply, the fee for a member page that is not completed is higher than the fee once it is completed. Usually a completed page consists of filling out all the information, add events (if applicable), and adding a reference to QuiltingHub on the home page of your website. For more information, contact us. To add your page now, click Add or Suggest a Listing
NameDescriptionFree OptionMonthly Membership Fee
Association or SocietyA quilting association or society 
BlogQuilting How-To Blog$1.00 (USD)
BrandBrand, Designer or Manufacturer$8.00 (USD)
GuildA single quilting guild 
Guild NetworkA collection of quilting guilds 
MuseumA quilting museum$3.00 (USD)
Online Quilt ShopAn Internet store that sells quilting products$8.00 (USD)
Quilt ShopSells products in a physical store$8.00 (USD)
Service ProviderProvides services$3.00 (USD)