About QuiltingHub

You have come to the right place. QuiltingHub is the leader in quilting resources and resources marketing. Nothing else is more accurate, has more content, and reaches more quilters. Period.  A leader in helping quilting organizations market themselves.

QuiltingHub was founded in 2010 with the mission of being the one place quilters advertise their quilting resources and have it appear everywhere. Accuracy is critical. Errors are reported directly to those organizations that listed it. We do not add, edit, start, or stop listings. Our Trip Planner is unique and enjoyed by quilters around the world.

The QuiltingHub Network is a large network of thousands of websites that display our listings.  This is why you add it once and it appears everywhere to almost 2 million page views a month. One and done! No need to put your ads anywhere else.

Meet Our People

Paul Johnson - Founder - QuiltingHub

Paul Johnson - Founder

At 55, Paul has a rare blend or technology and marketing expertise. With a masters degree in computer science and a marketing professional since 2000, he has run computer software companies and marketing companies since college. He has personally helped many shops, brands, services, and guilds market themselves properly.

With Paul at the helm, QuiltingHub has grown from one small site to a massive network of website to help the quilting industry market themselves and grow. Press welcome.  Contact Paul

Quilting Contessa


We have a collection of some of the best quilting authors in the industry adding content on a part-time basis as the Quilting Contessa or as themselves. Their contributions are fantastic.

To be considered for a part-time writer position, please Contact Us.


No accountants? No Sales people?

By keeping our overhead low, we can pass the savings on to our advertisers with ridiculously low monthly rates (and free for guilds). This makes it a no-brainer to advertise with us.

No Accountants? The billing system is all managed online. We do not take checks. There are no refunds. This eliminates the accounting department and saves you hundreds of dollars!

No sales people? Seriously, why do we need sales people? Our highest rate is only $8/Month (two coffees). At almost 2 million page views a month, nothing even comes close to the advertising value, right? You would have to be clueless not to advertise with us for that rate and reach, right? Of course. By not having sales people, we can have rates low enough that price is never a road block from your success in advertising. Any of our advertisers who make one sale to one customer, and it pays for the year. Again, we pass the savings on to you.