Advertising On The QuiltingHub Network


Advertising for the entire QuiltingHub Network of websites is managed here on QuiltingHub.com. When you add content here, it will appear on all the related Network sites per their qualification requirements. For example QuiltingEvents.com only has events. QuiltGuilds.org only has guilds and their events. QuiltersTravelCompanion.com is paid only, so free shop listings do not appear on QTC, but they do appear on QuiltingHub.com and QuiltersResources.com.

Per our listing policy, QuiltingHub does not add, edit, start, or stop listings or events. You do. All events are added by an administrator of an existing listing on the QuiltingHub Network (such as a guild or shop). You are an administrator when you add a listed organization. If your listing exists, but you do not have access contact us. Guilds are free. You can browse the listing types and fees, or learn more about advertising based on your organization below:

Advertising Details By Organization

You must register or be registered as a user before advertising with us. You must use your real first and last name, not your listing name (even if you are in a guild). Breaking this rule, will only confuse you as you accidentally edit your user profile thinking it is your listing because they have the same name.