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Add Unlimited Number Events

  • Events may be added under any upgraded listing.
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Here is the guide of listing types to help you get started:

Quilt Guild (or Group)

Monthly Listing Fee: None

This is any quilting group that meets on a regular basis. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltGuilds, QuiltersResources, QuiltersTravelCompanion, QuiltingEvents

Guild Network

Monthly Listing Fee: None

This is a collection of guilds or quilting groups. You do not meet frequently. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltingEvents

Association Of Society

Monthly Listing Fee: None

A non-profit collection of individuals with annual dues and does not meet regularly. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltingEvents

Quilt Museums

Monthly Listing Fee: $3.00/Month USD

This is a museum devoted to quilting. Do not use if you have little to no quilting. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltersResources, QuiltingEvents

Service Providers

Monthly Listing Fee: $3.00/Month USD

You provide any kind of services to quilters. A quilt shop has services, so do not use this if you are a shop. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltingEvents

Quilting Brand

Monthly Listing Fee: $8.00/Month USD

You produce and sell products to quilt shops. You do not sell online. If you sell online, you would rather be a brand. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltersResources, QuiltingEvents

Online Quilt Shop

Monthly Listing Fee: $8.00/Month USD

You sell products online on a website with online checkout. Do not use if you are a quilt shop that also sells online. No services. No events. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltersResources

Quilt Shop

Monthly Listing Fee: $8.00/Month USD

You sell products in a physical store. You carry at least 250 bolts of quilting fabric. You are open at least 4 days a week with regular hours. You are not open by appointment. You are not also a brand. You can also provide services or sell products online. Full Details

Sites: QuiltingHub, QuiltersResources, QuiltersTravelCompanion*, QuiltingEvents* (*=No free listings)



What Other Members Say

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