Advertising Your Quilting Museum On The QuiltingHub Network

QuiltingHub is the best online quilting resource for your quilt museum to be found. You have more ways to be found and by more quilters than any other site. You can either read each of the items here or watch the tour video below. After you complete your due diligence, I am sure you will agree that activating your membership is the smartest investment for your business.



Benefits of QuiltingHub Membership



1. Quilters Are Looking For You Here!

Over 400,000 quilters use the site at a page rate of over 1 Million page views a month to find you and your events. No other quilting resources site is more trusted for accuracy and gets more traffic.

QuiltingHub is the smartest choice and with the best return on your investment.



2. Works On All Devices

The website works on all devices. About 1/2 of our traffic is from tablets and smart phones. We are the most popular tool to find quilting resources on smart phones, tablets, and personal computers.

all devices


3. Most Accurate

The only quilting resources website designed from the ground up to be verified by the community. We had over 43,000 updates in 2016 from the community. All other sites have one person maintaining this information, which is impossible. This is why other sites come and go, and we have out lived them all (since 2009).

bulls eye


4. Leveraging Social Media

Our users share your listing and events on social media. This magnifies your presence on the web.

social media


5. Map Based Searching

Many of our users want to find what resources are near them, along the way during a trip, or at their destination. We are the first and only site with the Trip Planner(sm) that does all of those things and more. By far, one of our most popular features.

You can adjust/move your map pointer!



6. Events Calendar Upgrade Required

Put your events on the world calendar (no limits). Quilters find these events on lists and on maps (which is a huge advantage over simple hard to search lists offered by all other sites). You get found more often.

Quilt shows and sales are visible on the Trip Planner. All events are visible on lists and the local maps with the exception of call-for-quilts, which only appear on lists.



7. Stand Out & Get Noticed Upgrade Required

Our quilters are highly visual. As you have already realized, a simple listing (name, address, and map pointer) does not cut it to attract today's quilters. You need to stand out, don't you? Having a logo, photos, and a rating is the best way to stand out.

Stand Out


8. Best Advertising Value

Here is the catch. It is really expensive. OK, it is not. It is about the lowest in the industry with the highest value. At only $[[[ENTITYTYPE:FEEHIGH:MS]]] /mo USD, you can grow your business and make that money back and then some. For less than a cup of coffee a month, you could be getting more patrons. Read what other members say below, and then activate your membership today.

Best ROI Value



What Other Members Say

QuiltingHub gives quilters and advertisers more than anyone else. Here is what our advertisers say:

  • Bruce & Francine at Paradise Quilting say QuiltingHub provided the best service they have seen from any quilting resources directory. (read endorsement)
  • Karen Stephens at Speckled Hen Quilts says to activate your membership now. (read endorsement)
  • Barb Grutter at Garden Path Quilts Says Invest In QuiltingHub. (read endorsement)

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Listing Options

The listing status may be in any one of following:

Status Fee Features/Visibility
Member *$[[[ENTITYTYPE:FEEHIGH:MS]]]/Month (USD) Museum Name, Address, Adjustable Map Pointer, Museum Description, Hours, Logo, Photos, Rating, Likes, Website Link, Social Links, Social Sharing, Searchable Events CalendarRecommended
Limited** Free Museum Name, Address, Adjustable Map Pointer ONLY
Limited Expired** N/A None
Out Of Business N/A Visible for 1 year as out of business. Set your closing date.

*- For a limited time, you can drop your monthly rate from $[[[ENTITYTYPE:FEEHIGH:MS]]] to $[[[ENTITYTYPE:FEELOW:MS]]] when you fully complete your listing in the first 30 days of becoming a member.

**- These listings must be claimed by the owners to remain active. WARNING Theses listing are not automatically verified like the member listings. You, your patrons, or anyone in the community must verify your listing every 60 days. When claimed, you will get a warning email to verify your listing. Failure to do so, will result in your listing moving into Limited Expired, which is not visible at all. Two ways to solve this are (1) become a member, or (2) have your patrons verify it for you.


How To Proceed

You need to have a login account on the site, claim the listing, and select your listing option. The login account will allow you to return to make edits and to get updates about your listing. If you have completed one of these steps, skip it:

  1. Login or register (top right of the screen)
  2. Claim your listing (one of the following):
    • Search for your listing and click 'claim this listing' found on the page, or
    • Click Add Or Claim Your Listing and follow the directions
  3. Once your listing is claimed, you can click the red Completion Guide button found on your listing detail page to guide you through the process.


Friendly & Helpful Support

If you need help at any time contact us. We can help on any part of the process, give you ideas on wording, or even the best photos to use. We want you to have the best results and a wonderful experience.