Speckled Hen Quilts Says Activate Your Membership Now


Karen Stephens, owner of Speckled Hen Quilts in Aurora Oregon, highly recommends you activate your member listing for your quilt shop today. QuiltingHub Ratings and Reviews

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Speckled Hen Quilts Says Activate Your Membership Now

Attention: Shop Owners,

In business for over 27 years, (Speckled Hen Quilts), I have advertised in many different ways. When Paul Johnson was starting out with this [QuiltingHub] concept, I found it so convenient & easy to sign up. With all the great changes and additions to the original [QuiltingHub] platform Paul has instituted over the last three years, it just keeps getting better!

Speckled Hen Quilts Says Activate Your Membership Now

Using my page on QuitingHub to promote events, sales & classes really makes a difference, too. Being able to add photos of my shop is wonderful…I just try to remember to change & update, so repeat customers see something new every few months!

I have a sign on my door which promotes QuitingHub to my customers! It is gratifying to have my customers text or call me after they start using the website. Quilters are now finding the ‘Trip Planner’ super easy to use and so accurate! The overall accuracy for this site is amazing! I have found that putting an advertisement in books is something that does not age well; the book becomes outdated very quickly and the ads are very expensive!

If your business is not advertising on ‘QuitingHub’, you are missing out on the best investment ever! Take it from someone who has been around the quilting world for 27 years & has tried almost everything out there…go to ‘QuiltingHub.com’ NOW and sign up [to activate your member listing]!

‘QuiltingHub.com’ is the best tool to promote your shop and the price cannot be beat!

Karen Stephens, Owner
Speckled Hen Quilts
Aurora, Oregon
September 30, 2016

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Karen Stephens

Karen is the owner of Speckled Hen Quilts in Aurora, Oregon for over 28 years.

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