Garden Path Quilts Says Invest In QuiltingHub


Barb Grutter, owner of Garden Path Quilts in Cedar Rapids Michigan, highly recommends you invest in your member listing for your quilt shop today. QuiltingHub Ratings and Reviews

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Garden Path Quilts Says Invest In QuiltingHub

Attention: Guilds, Shops, & Brands:

I've been quilting for 26 years, owned a quilt shop for 13 of those years, and am now a quilt pattern designer. I wish QuiltingHub had been around when I had owned a quilt shop! I like that members of QuiltingHub have access to so much quilting information located all in one place.

Garden Path Quilts Says Invest In QuiltingHub

QuiltingHub's website is geared for quilt shop owners, quilt guilds, designers, and anyone who has the love of quilting. A quilt shop owner can quickly list any sales promotions, shop hops they are involved in, upcoming quilt shows, classes, retreats, and more. It's easy to sign up and become a member, and the benefits you receive from QuiltingHub are numerous!

If you're looking for an easy to use and well maintained site to popularize your business, then you'll find QuiltingHub is where you'll want to invest your business. As a quilt pattern designer, I like the idea of being able to showcase my business in a place that has connections to other designers, quilt stores, museums, and has hundreds of site views on a daily basis.

I recommend you take a moment right now and visit QuiltingHub.com to make the one best choice for your business! Join the rest of us who have taken advantage of this fabulous quilting venue!

Barb Grutter, owner
Garden Path Quilts
Pattern Designer
Cedar Springs, MI
December 11, 2016

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Barb Grutter

Hello! I'm a work at home mother to two adult children, married to my best friend and biggest fan for 36 years, and we are owned by two lovable miniature dachshunds.  I owned a quilt shop for 13 years, taught classes almost daily during that time, and always designed my shop's Block of the Month programs.  I've been quilting for about 25 years. 

 After I closed my shop due to illness I began working on making my block of the month designs into sale-able patterns.  I've now design more than 20 patterns that are available on Craftsy and Etsy.  I still teach now and then, and have a wonderful group of friends that I quilt with weekly.   Check out my brand design page and my store page on QuiltingHub.

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