Can I Submit Articles To QuiltingHub?


This article talks about how to become an author of QuiltingHub's 'How-To' section and how it can help you increase visibility for little to no investment.

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Can I Submit Articles To QuiltingHub?

Yes, you can. And get paid for it. See Careers.

QuiltingHub's articles section is designed for 'how-to' articles on quilting from the beginner level to the intermediate. We are open to new authors, but we will only have a limited number of authors.

If you have any idea you would like to write about, feel free to contact us. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, contact us.

If your author application is selected to write 'how-to' content for the site, your article should be written in such a way as to allow any quilter at that skill level to complete the project. Images are required, and often videos are helpful (but not required). The article content and images are stored on our servers. The video content would have to be stored elsewhere (like YouTube or Vimeo). The only external links allowed are to embedded videos. You can link to your listing detail page on QuiltingHub. Your listing detail page will then link to your site, Facebook, etc.



This is a great way to get additional attention to your QuiltingHub page for years to come, and obtain more business. QuiltingHub gets over 700,000 page views a month. It is not uncommon for a well written article to begin appearing on page one of Google within a few weeks of publication. Usually, if you were to try this on your own, it would take you thousands of dollars and months to accomplish. This is why we have so many authors interested in writing for us. Feel free to contact us with your idea of what you would like to write. We do not charge you for writing for us, but you should have a member page on the system for best results.

As an example, see Jelly Roll Quilt in less than 35 minutes!.


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