Use QuiltingHub Advertise Your Guild Or Shops Events


QuiltingHub received nearly 1 million page views last month of quilters looking for quilt shows, shops hops, sales, and classes. Advertise yours now!

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Use QuiltingHub Advertise Your Guild Or Shops Events

Nearly 1 Million Page Views A Month

There is no other website and no better place than QuiltingHub to advertise your quilt shows, quilt shop sales, and classes. In May, QuiltingHub.com received just under 1,000,000 page views in a single month. Nothing else gets this kind of traffic of quilters looking for your events. Since 2009, we have been working on Growing Quilting Worldwide.

Be sure to add your events today. If you have not claimed your listing, click claim on the listing detail page. If you claimed it, you can add events at the bottom of your listing. If you have not added your listing click add a listing. Guilds are free, and quilt shops are only 27 cents a day. Less than 2 cups of coffee will get you in front of nearly 1 million page views a month of customers looking for your events. If you need help, contact us.

Growing With QuiltingHub


It is important to be where quilters are looking for you (see About Us). Make sure your guild, service, quilt shop, online quilt shop, brand, museum, and all your events are taking advantage of all that the membership options offer (such as photos and events). Click your listing type for more information and watch the benefits video on the top right.

Also a warning to quilt shops. If you have not claimed your quilt shop listing, it may have or soon will expire. Read all listings must be claimed to remain visible.


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Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).