A Quilt Retreat Owner's Guide to QuiltingHub


I own a quilt retreat, and I wanted to share my tips on marketing using QuiltingHub and why every owner should use QuiltingHub to market themselves.

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A Quilt Retreat Owner's Guide to QuiltingHub

I own a quilt retreats, and I wanted to share my tips on marketing using QuiltingHub and why everyone who does retreat should post their retreats on the QuiltingHub.com event calendar.

A Quilt Retreat Owner's Guide to QuiltingHub


First and foremost it is 3 dollars a month and gets over 1 million page views a month of quilters looking for you. Retreats are hot right now, and you need to have your retreats visible where quilters are looking for them. That is QuiltingHub.


If Rent Your Facility

If you host your location for others to have retreat, list yourself as a "Service Provider" and make sure you select "Retreat Facilities" as the service you provide. Make certain you have a good logo and your best photos of the facilities and the grounds. See Quilt Retreats in Tennessee to get an idea.

Quilt Retreat Facilities


If You Conduct Retreats

Add your events to the QuiltingHub calendar with the event type of "Retreat." Again, make sure you have great photos of the event and a link back to your website for the event.

Quilt Retreats



I have been using QuiltingHub for years, and I highly recommend you do the same. You will not find a way to reach more quilters for less money. This is a very effective service made for us, and we should be using it. Even if your service is not retreats, you should have your service on QuiltingHub.

Be sure to call them if you need help. Many of us retreat owners are great at quilting and teaching, but not marketing and computers. They have done this for years, so call for guidance. It is amazing support for only $3 a month.


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

Quilting Contessa

Quilting Contessa is a collection of various authors around the world that have submitted articles for the QuiltingHub 'How To' quilt wiki.  These are authors that do not write enough to have their own authorship, yet provide valuable content for the site.  If you wish to submit an article, contact us on QuiltingHub.

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