5 Reasons to Show and Share Your Quilts


Do you attend Guild meetings, workshops, retreats, or classes?  Do you participate in Show and Tell?  Here are a few reasons why you really should participate.

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5 Reasons to Show and Share Your Quilts

Do you attend Guild meetings, workshops, retreats, or classes? Do you participate in Show and Tell? Here are a few reasons why you really should participate.

5 Reasons to Show and Share Your Quilts


1. Showing is Sharing

Do you know that when you show your work you are sharing and helping your quilting friends to grow in their art? When fellow quilters share their work and tell us a little bit about the process they have used, they are helping others to be inspired to try new techniques or color combinations in their quilts. This is a great way to help your fellow quilter to break out of their "box" of quilting knowledge.



2. Showing to Teach

Show your quilt and tell what tools you used for your construction. Letting your fellow quilters know about tools that worked well for you, or ones you found challenging and not worth the money, can be very helpful to them. We have all looked at tools at shows or online and wondered if there were really as good as they were marketed to be, by sharing your experiences using these tools, others will know if they should save their money for something else or that this would be a great purchase for them.

Great Tools


3. Sharing for Feedback and Ideas

Have you been working on a quilt and you just keep feeling like it needs "something else" but you can't decide what that is? Show and Tell time at your Guild meeting, workshop, retreat, or class can be the perfect time to ask for feedback and ideas of what that "extra little something" could be. Believe me, quilters are more than happy to share their opinions and experiences with you, if you just provide them the opportunity.


4. Sharing to Meet Like-Minded Quilters

Are you fairly new to your quilting group and want to make friends with quilters who have similar interests? Getting up during Show and Tell and sharing your quilt with others will let them know what kind of quilting you enjoy, and possibly lead to a good conversation and a new quilting bestie. Even if that does not happen, you are likely to receive some nice "oohs and aahs" for your quilt and you could be invited to a bee where you can meet even more quilters.

Sharing Waves At Bodie Light


5. Sharing for Encouragement

Let's face it, there are some people who are ever present at meetings, but that you never hear from because they are shy, or concerned that their work "isn't good enough". But, by seeing that there are lots of people sharing their quilts of all different skill levels, you may encourage them to share for the first time, so go forth and show that beautiful art that you have created and invite your friends to do the same.


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