How To Make A Zombie Table Runner For Halloween


Here is a super quick and fun project for a Halloween jelly-roll table runner. Share it with all the quilters and guilds you love!

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How To Make A Zombie Table Runner For Halloween

Here is a super quick and fun project for a Halloween jelly-roll table runner.

How To Make A Zombie Table Runner For Halloween


You need 11 jelly-roll cuts, 15” long. Plus, cut 5 random scraps.

Design Tip: Keep one fabric strip only and don’t use it for the random scraps. It will appear as a background fabric and give dimension to your project.


You will also need a glue stick, black pearl cotton (any size), backing fabric and batting 20” x 24”, and 2.5 yards binding.


Piece strips long sides together in sets of 3: 2 strips, right sides together, with a scrap randomly inserted into the seam. It doesn’t matter which way the scraps are facing; they are completely random.

Design Tip: Try layering 2 scraps together, right sides up, of course.


Use the glue stick to tack down the scraps.

Join all the strip sets.

Press one direction.

Layer, baste, quilt in-the-ditch, and finish with your favorite binding method.


Lastly, stitch scrap raw edges with pearl cotton using large random zombie stitches.

Design Tip: Extend zombie stitches beyond patches across the neighboring piece.

zombie detail


It Looks amazing!

zombie finished


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Background Fabric
The fabric used as the background when placing Applique pieces.
The fabric on the back of a Quilt Sandwich (Top, Batting and Backing).

Same As: Lining
The layer in the middle of a quilt sandwich between the Top and Backing layers consisting of wool, polyester, blends, silk, or cotton.

Same As: Stuffing, Filling, Wadding, Filler
Binding is used as both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is the fabric that's used to cover the raw edges of the quilt sandwich after it's quilted. This edging fabric is referred to as the Binding (noun). As a verb it is the process of putting on this fabric, and it referred to as Binding a Quilt.
Method of using an iron to press seams and blocks. This means simply pressing downwards on the seam with the iron from above and not moving the iron back and forth which can distort the block or seam.
A construction technique in which long, narrow pieces of cloth are joined lengthwise, sometimes with long rows of quilt blocks, to form a quilt top. The term "strip" can be used to describe the long pieces of fabric between blocks (see Sashing) or to describe the small, narrow remnants used in string patchwork.

See Also: Sashing
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