Florida Live Oak Quilt Blocks


Quilt blocks (and quilt shops) along the I-10 corridor in Florida. Quilting Contessa shows some of the amazing photos and things to see and do.

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Florida Live Oak Quilt Blocks

I often travel to small towns across the state to support these communities. I always search out the local quilt shops, and along with all my great finds I always purchase 1 yard of a "special" fabric to remind me of the trip. This special yard will always find its way into my latest quilt project.

Florida Live Oak Quilt Blocks


Recently I visited such a place tucked in along the Florida I-10 corridor in north central Florida. I found it truly by accident when I made a wrong turn but then decided to just keep driving. As I drove the main road through town, to my surprise and excitement, I saw them! Quilt Blocks on buildings! As I continued to look for them, I started to see them everywhere. I had to learn more.



I had stumbled into the town of Live Oak, named for the tree under which railroad workers rested and ate their lunch. Live Oak is only 7 miles long and is home to nearly 7,000 residents with a love of quilt blocks.


Live Oak has joined with the public grassroots movement of public art by joining the Florida Quilt Trail. If you are not yet familiar, a quilt trail is a walk featuring colorful patterns of quilt squares, AKA blocks painted large scale on the sides of buildings or placed near historical sites. The squares are often placed near places that have a historical background and the blocks themselves have a story behind them.



In this uncertain time of self-isolation and social distancing, this is a great way to get out and get moving. You can learn more about the Live Oak Quilt Block Project on Facebook @ Live Oak - Suwannee County - Florida Quilt Trail.



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