A Quiet Quilt Retreat


In a time when we really need funny, Quilting Contessa shares a tranquil quilt retreat story with a funny ending.

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A Quiet Quilt Retreat

Women from our Guild are on a quilt retreat in an undisclosed location in the Texas Hill Country. The surrounding trees are full of air ferns and a flock of Cedar Waxwings has landed on its way north. Squirrels are playing in the trees and a lone Cardinal sings his "Q! Q! Q!" For us, this is a call to "Quilt! Quilt! Quilt!"

A Quiet Quilt Retreat


Early morning finds deer feeding casually along the edge of the trees. They watch us as we watch them. We smile, remembering the raccoon who peered into our room the night before.



In a separate room a small group has gathered to learn how to make a one-block wonder.



The group numbers more than 10; more than what's allowed in just one more day.



We are three days into our retreat, which has not yet been closed by the virus of 2020. Folks are being productive; they're sewing. Very few have gone to shop. Upon return, shoppers move around the room showing small groups what they have purchased. Most shops are deserted and the feeling of not being rushed is brought back to the retreat.


The afternoon rest hour is over and quilters are returning to the sewing room, rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Small groups gather around a quilt to offer comments.

design wall


The ladies sip their coffee and read the instructions for their projects to cut, glue, or stitch. The dominant sound heard is not of voices but of sewing machines. We do not hear cars, trains, or airplanes. The quiet is almost spooky.

A cell phone rings, and the entire room spontaneously yells "Hi, Honey!"


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