Advertise Your Next Quilt Show


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Advertise Your Next Quilt Show

Advertising your next quilt show is an important job. As a guild publicist, you are aware that the internet is playing a more important role in getting quilters to your show. But where to advertise?

Advertise Your Next Quilt Show


Add your Guild & Show to QuiltingHub

QuiltingHub.com is free to quilt guilds to add their guild and an unlimited number of events from around the world. QuiltingHub has been serving guilds and all their event advertising for longer than any other site on the web. 400,000 quilters view QuiltingHub's quilting resource listings and events at a rate of 1 Million page views a month. It is also the only site committed to keeping their information accurate, which has earned it the "Most Trusted Source."

You can assign any number of administrators to edit and maintain the guild and it's events. Visit the blue "Guilds, Groups, or Associations Click Here" button on the home page, and watch the benefits video on the top right. I am sure you will see why QuiltingHub is trusted by more guilds to reach more quilters than any other site.

When you are ready, Add Your Guild to the site. If your guild already exists, click Add An Event. If you do not have access, or need help, simply email us for support right here in the United States!

Other websites have tried to replicate our success and reach, but do not be fooled. QuiltingHub quite simply gets more traffic, reaches more quilters, and has more of the accurate listings you want.


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