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What People Are Saying About QuiltingHub

Quilt Shop Owners!! If your shop is not on QuiltingHub, make sure you take a peek! This is an extremely useful resource for all things quilting and sewing! Make sure you mark that you sell Hoffman Fabrics so you pop up on "Where to Buy" when a sewist or quilter searches for their favorite Hoffman fabrics!

Hailey - Hoffman California Fabrics 2/12/2020


I just wanted to let you know how amazing your website is. I am visiting my girlfriend in Connecticut and we found so many quilt shops near where she lives. It has been a great road trip and took us to a ton of great quilt shops in the area. Keep up the good work.

Michelle V 2/25/2017


Thanks to Paul and QuiltingHub! We have had many more visitors directed to my store, Fabric Smart in Gulfport Florida, through the Quiltinghub.com website. If you are a shop owner, please consider joining QuiltingHub. It is a very professional, effective and affordable advertising tool for the retail quilt fabric industry.

Karen - Fabric Smart 3/16/2015


Wish I had this coming back from Maine, doing Row by Row

Samantha Z 8/23/2014


QuiltingHub is great! Now I can go on a road trip!!

Olga M 8/23/2014


I plan on using this for a trip next year from Vegas to Springfield IL--just haven't told my husband yet....

Joni K 8/20/2014


QuiltingHub is maintained by quilters for quilters. I see it becoming the central hub of quilting information where we can share our local events, shops, guilds, associations, museums, service providers (including guild speakers) and manufacturers with each other. Read entire blog post here.

Caryl Schuetz - All About Quilts - Indiana, USA (2013/09/22)

Just what I need before my trip to US and Canada is a site that shows me where to shop.....Won't tell my husband...it will make a change from railway stations....Happy Quilting all

Margaret B - New South Wales (2013/09/21)

Have you heard of QuiltingHub? It’s a great tool for quilt shops and related businesses, and Martingale is a sponsor. QuiltingHub is a mix between a social media site and an international shop locator. Read entire post here.

Martingale - That Patchwork Place - (2013/09/20)

This is a hybrid between a Facebook page and all those inaccurate shop lists floating around. This community site fixes all the inaccuracy issues, and makes it easier to find shops, brands and events.  Read entire post here.

Turning Twenty - (2013/09/19)

The person that has made this website has thought of everything, if you ask me. With each shop you can find contact information, opening hours, the kind of products and brands they carry, when the information was last checked for being up to date, etc.
Anyone can suggest a quilt shop, quilt guild, quilt show, etc. that is not yet listed. I have already done some suggestions.
Let’s make this global overview complete! Read entire blog post here.

Annika - Stof genoeg - Netherlands (2013/07/30)

Quilting Hub website is a great new resource for quilters.
I have a feeling that it won’t be long before all quilters consider Quilting Hub an essential tool—whether they are in their own home towns or traveling or shopping online. Read entire blog post here.

Linda Franz - Inklingo (2013/07/22)

Thank you…what a great resource. I edit our guild's newsletter, so I intend to spread the word in our next issue.

Barb - New York, USA (2013/07/11)

WOW! Great service. Easy setup. Worth so much more than I can say, a real computer genius that gets it, some people are computer challenged.

Cindy- Quilted Cow Emporium (2013/06/29)

Hummingbird Quilting Loves QuiltingHub easy to navigate and great information. Unlimited potential.

Peggy - Hummingbird Quilting (2013/05/05)

We are thrilled to be a part of such a great resource for Quilters! Thank you for including us. We look forward to working with you.

Lapel Stick (2013/04/24)

Love this site & services.

Melissa T - Missouri, USA (4/15/2013)

QuiltingHub is a great resource for keeping up with guilds, shops, shows, museums, and everything else going on in the quilting community. I recommend it to everyone passionate about the art form.

Frank Bennett, CEO, National Quilt Museum (2013/04/12)

You did a great job with the web site. You did a fabulous job!!

Nancy P (2013/04/11)

QuiltingHub.com is the best quilt shop and guild data base I have ever seen. Paul has taken the concept of all the other online quilt shop databases and a Facebook like profile and meshed them together into the most comprehensive and quilter friendly website around.

Katie of Digital Quilt Panels (2013/04/10)

I'm SO excited about QuiltingHub! It's a fantastic idea, probably long overdue.

Peggy of Connect The Blocks (2013/03/25)

QuiltingHub has the potential to become the most comprehensive quilting website ever!

Hoffman California Fabrics (2013/02/28)

Paul of the QuiltingHub posted about his site here [on TAFA] recently, but I wanted to give it an extra push. If you have anything to do with quilts, go on over to his site and list what you do.
You can list events, workshops, quilt shops, speaking engagements and any skills you offer to the community at large. So, if you do anything with quilts, go and get yourself listed! You can also list your favorite suppliers and organizations.

Rachel - President of TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List -North America (2012/12/19)

Welcome one and all to what will hopefully be our common room: a meeting place for all involved in the world of sewing, i.e., guilds, sewing shops and vendors alike. Technology can and will provide a bright future for such mundane and beneficial hobbies as sewing.
Quilts and Lace LLC has been a believer in Paul's vision of an integrated, seamless website which connects all people interested in sewing: in the words of Martha Pullen, "We are all sewists, we are all the people who promote sewing".

Allan - Quilts and Lace LLC - Melbourne, Florida (2012/12/19)

I am so glad you have worked to get your information site up for everyone to use. It is great for advertising my work and business.  Thanks for spending the time with me to optimize my listing.

Stuart - Driving Miss Lizzie Longarming Service - Fernandina Beach Florida (2012/12/18)

I am thrilled to be one of the first shops on! I think it will take the place of the books floating around that become outdated so very quickly. I am excited about the amount of information this website can hold. Try it you will like it!

Karen - Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe - Jacksonville, FL (2012/10/18)

This is a great place for quilt teachers to be listed as a teacher. You get your name out to other parts of the country and you have an opportunity to let guilds know what you teach as well as giving them a link to your website so they can learn more about you. I see the Quilting Hub as being a central place in the quilt world for people to go to get so much information.

Barbara H Cline - Guild Program Speaker/Teacher/Retreats - Bridgewater, VA (2012/09/08)

Quilting Hub - such a good name for a go to place for all things quilting. If you need to see if there is a guild meeting or a quilt activity in your area, or an area you are planning to visit, just check out the Quilting Hub. Want to know if there is a quilt shop - Quilting Hub. Did you find a really great quilt shop or guild? Just tell everyone via - Quilting Hub. Can't figure out where the information you need is? Just contact Paul, he's very helpful. Quilting Hub - Keeping Quilters Informed!.

Marie A - Augusta, GA, USA (2012/09/11)

I would like to express my enthusiasm of having a website designed specially for quilters around the world.  The QuiltingHub is a newly designed and innovative website that enables quilters to have a complete listing of every guild, quilt shop, service provider, manufacturer and event at your fingertips.  While at home or traveling, you can access locations of area guilds, quilt shops and much more nearest to you.  While other websites may have some information, the QuiltingHub is designed with built-in interactive features that allow users to notify the primary contacts if information has changed.  This interactive built-in feature is what sets the QuiltingHub apart from other websites as it keeps information current and from becoming stale, outdated or obsolete. I encourage the quilting community to embrace this beneficial and innovative website.

Debbie King - Trails End Quilters' Guild - Owasso, Oklahoma (2012/08/08)

I'm certain when quilters find your site and just how complete you intend it to be, it will be their first resource to turn to. It is especially exciting for there to be a resource that will make a vacation or any travel more interesting.  Just one site and you'll be able to know where to find shops, shows, museums, guilds and more!

Mona P - Worcester, MA (2012/08/06)

What a wonderful site this will be and what a valuable resource for any quilter looking for information regarding quilting. Everything you want to know about is basically a click away.

Donna D - Hampton, VA (2012/08/05)


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