Turn To QuiltingHub For All Kinds Of Help


Quilting Contessa shares some of the ways she and many of her quilting friends can and do use QuiltingHub. Get your tips now!

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Turn To QuiltingHub For All Kinds Of Help

We’ve come a long way, Baby!

Just think of our fore-mothers and their quilting. No cutting mats, no rotary cutters, nor quilting rulers; just pencils, scissors, and the dining room table or living room floor.

Turn To QuiltingHub For All Kinds Of Help


Consider the necessity of cutting your patterns out of newspaper or catalogs. Do you wonder how they ever made blocks where the points were pointy and the seams matched?

quilting tools


And the only help available was from other quilters using the same tools.

Quilting Tools


In spite of all that, they did make beautiful quilts. And we have that quilt history to look back on and admire and learn from.


But just look at us now! At our very fingertips we have a plethora (I just love that word!) of information. On the QuiltingHub site you can find patterns, instructions, lists of supplies, how to choose the right colors and how to relax with your piecing.


There are articles on the difference between quilt shop fabric and that from a discount store. You can find out how to store your fabric and your tools to better organize your sewing room. Or sewing space, as some of us sew in a closet or at the kitchen table.


On the home page of QuiltingHub are several boxes to choose from, including quilting terms, articles, and lists of shops, guilds and quilt museums. If you click on articles, you will find a search box. If you enter “bindings” in the search box, you will have several choices. One of the most interesting to me, besides the how-to choices, is 3 Ways to Use Leftover Bindings. Check it out. Quilters always have leftover bindings!


One way I use them is as spiders. Spiders are the beginning and ending small pieces of fabric, sometimes referred to as starting cloths. This not only keeps the feed dogs from eating the beginning of seams, it also saves thread and time. Just use it at the beginning and end of seams over and over until it is used up. The threads will be all over it and some hanging off and thus the spider. Try it.

quilting spider


I could write ‘til the cows come home about the QuiltingHub website, but I think I’ll stop now. No cows, but the man of the house might be getting a little hungry.


Log in (or just visit without logging in). Play around. You will just love it, I promise!


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Feed Dogs
The mechanical teeth under the area of a sewing machine which move to pull the fabric through the machine. For free motion quilting or embroidery or needle darning these feed dogs are lowered or covered.
The process of assembling quilt blocks from pieces of fabric sewn along their edges to form a whole.

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Quilting Contessa

Quilting Contessa is a collection of various authors around the world that have submitted articles for the QuiltingHub 'How To' quilt wiki.  These are authors that do not write enough to have their own authorship, yet provide valuable content for the site.  If you wish to submit an article, contact us on QuiltingHub.

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