What To Wear To Houston Market And Festival


If you have not been to Quilt Festival or Quilt Market in Houston or the spring location, you may wonder what to wear. Quilting Contessa covers it here.

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What To Wear To Houston Market And Festival

If you have not been to Quilt Festival or Quilt Market in Houston or the spring location, you may wonder what to wear. Quilting Contessa covers it here.

What To Wear To Houston Market And Festival


Quilt Market

Shop owners attending Quilt Market go for the practical: good walking shoes, long pants, and layers. The George R. Brown is about 3 football fields long – not an easy place to navigate. My local quilt shop owner says not to wear new shoes – even if they are tennis shoes! Quilt Market is not place to break them in. If you are working the vendor floor, you won't need to dress warmly. For some reason, Halls A and B are warm most of the time.

However, if you have classes in Halls D and E, then bring layers and maybe hats and mittens. I don't know why that end of the complex is so cold, but two years ago, I made myself some fingerless mittens!

Some vendors do dress to attract attention to their booths. One example is the "Bald Guy in a Kilt" (Global Artisans). Wait for Quilt Festival though, and all bets are off.



Quilt Festival

I'm dividing what folks wear to festival into three categories.


Sophistication: There is a much loved couple who dress each year in the most gorgeous historical outfits. For example, he might wear tails and she might wear a bustle and long feathers in her hat. There is also a group of women who dress up each year – I think for the purpose of picture taking.



Halloween: This most colorful of holidays is always celebrated at Festival. Witches are most often the dress of the day, but you can see literally anything.

Outfits range from a nod to the holiday to the over-the-top outfit of the year. If you are coming to Houston for the first time, do think of bringing something to wear for Halloween. You don't want to feel out-of-place.



With your people: From my vantage point, what I enjoy most is the outfits worn by Quilting Guilds and Bees to identify themselves. These wonderful ladies allowed me to photograph the aprons they created. Look closely at the witches and elixirs on their fabric.



I'm still confused about this next t-shirt. I tried finding the meaning online and found entries for "If history repeats itself, I am SO getting a dinosaur." This, I can understand. Dinosaurs did exist. Dragons?



My final choice is the best of the t-shirts with a quilting theme. If you are on Facebook, you know that there is almost no limit to the choices, but these ladies chose to identify their group with the purpose of their trip to the Houston Quilt Festival.



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