10 Ways Quilt Shops Can Increase Income in 2024


How can your local quilt shop welcome new customers while maintaining care standards for small spaces and minimize social impact for your staff?

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10 Ways Quilt Shops Can Increase Income in 2024

2020 is proving to be a difficult time and has uniquely impacting local quilt shops. Despite quarantine requirements, new people are joining the ranks of sewers and quilters. Many visitors to my shop say they have at last found time to unpack. Grandmother’s sewing machines are being used and sewers are fulfilling life long goals of learning to sew. Others are starting new work from home businesses.

10 Ways Quilt Shops Can Increase Income in 2020


As quilters we are not surprised. Name another hobby that is challenging at any level, affordable and adaptable for indoors or outside while fulfilling multiple hours and providing benefits to the whole family? Think about it. How many hours a day can you exercise? Reading is a solitary sport and doesn’t beautify the home. Baking can be a fun family pastime but can you get supplies at this time? Our neighbors are seeing what we have known all along; needle arts alone provide artistic fulfillment plus endless hours of entertainment. Best of all, it’s a lifelong skill that can be shared among generations and gifted to those we care for near and far.


How can your local quilt shop welcome new customers while maintaining care standards for small spaces and minimize social impact for your staff?


1. Register your shop on QuiltingHub

This is the number one way to ensure your shop can be found by new customers on the web. Get the details.


2. Video beginner classes

This is evergreen content that you can use across social media platforms or through subscription portals for years to come.


3. Offer fee based private chat lessons with your instructors

Another great idea to use your knowledge.


4. Rent your showroom equipment

Use a rent-to-own contract and very likely your closed shop could still garner machine sales for you.


5. Personalize kits for a set fee

Advertise a small selection of patterns and let customers specify their desired color theme. Individually kit the requested pattern and fabric for curbside delivery. Remember to include thread and all the extras for a complete take and make experience. Having a set price means no one stresses over the fabric you are selecting for them. More importantly, this minimizes the transaction exchange.


6. Newbie Grab Bag

Create a start-up quilter package by gift wrapping beginner essentials such as a thread catcher, pin cushion, ruler starter set and a jelly roll with a beginner level quilt book. Include a welcome note and coupons.



7. Scavenger Hunt

Encourage new customers to learn their way around your shop on their own with a map handout. Your shop map should identify the usual first questions: the line for the cut counter starts here, various thread displays, restroom, et cetera. Like a magazine quiz, players can score themselves points for completing the map questionnaire. Give a relative discount for completed map scores.



8. Pen Pals

Maybe your seasoned customers would like to exchange email addresses with a new quilter to help them get started. Invite new customers to fill in their email addresses on a flyer you can scan and send to older customers. Host a Pen Pal Meetup Party when regular business returns.



9. Book Club

Create a dedicated Facebook page or blog space where quilters can share progress on the same quilt book. Encourage the group to keep working until each of the book’s projects have a virtual quilt show model. Send thank you notes to participants and coupons to those completing the whole book. Be sure to share the page with the author and the publisher.



10. Graffiti Wall

Have new customers sign a wall poster describing why they have chosen this time to learn quilting and what their goals are. Likewise, regular customers can notate advice and encouragement.


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