8 Characteristics Of A Quilting Cat


In times of good and bad, we quilters find our cats bring us joy. We dive into all the amazing things they do.

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8 Characteristics Of A Quilting Cat

In times of good and bad, we quilters find our cats bring us joy. We dive into all the amazing things they do.

8 Characteristics Of A Quilting Cat


Hold Quilts And Fabric Down

Cats have to be on something new. If you place a quilt or fabric where they can lay on it, sure as the need for a seam ripper, that is where they lay. If it is in the sun, it is a guarantee.



Sewing Machine Assistance

They need to be the center of attention and if your attention is on that sewing machine, they will no doubt join your project by jumping on it or laying on it as you work.



Greeting Cats

For those of you blessed to have a social cat in your quilt shop, you will find they know it is their job to say hi to everyone who walks in. They might even lay on in the middle of the floor pathway in a belly-up position to warm your guests.



Purrfect Companion

In times when stress is high, they will know it is time to approach you with that love motor going for some quality time with you.


Where Have You Been?

When you dare leave to get supplies for the house or the sewing room, you find a warm welcome when you return home. Sometimes they walk away quickly to show disdain with you having left. That changes instantly when one of the bags smells like cat treats!



Cat Yoga

Sometimes while you are sewing away, your eyes catch one of three movements:

  • Changing from lying in a C shape to quivering and stretching those legs and toes out as far as they can.
  • Getting up from lying down, pushing their back up as high as they can, straight out again, and then lying back in the same spot again for more napping.


Comfortable And Loving Signs

  • Tail high
  • Head and ears pointed up
  • Purring
  • Bumping and brushing against you


    We find ourselves talking to our cats all the time. Cats in nature never speak, but they have learned the way to get our attention is to talk. If you have your can long enough, you will notice that the tones, volume, and length of every meow is different. They have a language and that language is love into our hearts. We love our quilting cats!


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