QuiltingHub Network Revolutionizes Advertising


The QuiltingHub Network revolutionizes advertising in the quilting industry with their edit once and appear everywhere methodology. We discuss how that works.

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QuiltingHub Network Revolutionizes Advertising

QuiltingHub was founded in 2010 with the goal of being the one place where the entire quilting industry enters their advertisements (only once) and have it appear everywhere. In 2019, it became obvious that acquiring websites and data sharing partnerships were going to be needed to complete that goal.

QuiltingHub Network


QuiltingHub Network Websites

Really, this is any guild, shop, brand, municipality, blog, or quilting information website that chooses to not maintain their own shop, guild, or show lists on their website, and simply links to any of the QuiltingHub Network sites or sub pages below:

  1. QuiltingHub.com - All listings & all events.
  2. QuiltersTravelCompanion.com - Upgraded shops ONLY. No free shops. All guilds, shows, shop hops, sales, retreat facilities. Added 11/19/2019.
  3. QuiltersResources.com - All listings & all events. Added 9/1/2019, Read more.
  4. QuiltingEvents.com - all events.
  5. QuiltGuilds.org - All Quilt guilds/groups & their events.

Anyone that has a website containing guild, shop, brand, or event listings can link to any of the above sites (or sub pages or maps) without permission from us. This is what we were created for. Why maintain your own outdated list of quilt shops, shows, or guilds, when you can link to the one place where the shops, shows, and guilds maintain their own listings accurately?


Advantages For Our Member Listings

Quite simply you edit once and appear everywhere. This saves time, money, and reaches the largest audience. No more visiting countless sites to add or edit information. One and done.



Advantages for the websites that link to us

The reason thousands of guilds, shops, and municipalities link to our lists and maps is to save time and get more traffic. They no longer have to keep their lists up-to-date.  This accuracy brings more visitors to your site. Please use links only. Do not copy content. That is not permitted. Over one hundred new links are added every month by guilds, shops, and municipalities to improve their site's value. 


  • Link to a list of shops, guilds, or shows in your state.
  • Link to a list of quilting brands.
  • A map of quilting resources for your town.
  • If it is a guild or show list, we recommend you link to QuiltGuilds.org.
  • If it is a brand list, link to QuiltingHub.com or QuiltersResources.com.
  • If it is a shop list, link to QuiltersResources.com or QuiltersTravelCompanion.com. They are very popular.
  • If it is a map, for an area, pull it up on QuiltingHub.com, copy and test the link, then use it. Allow us to help you with these.

If you need help adding a link or ideas on what is the best link for your site, contact us.


Advantages To Quilters

Quite simply, accuracy. The listings are added and maintained by the listing owners, not us. You report errors directly on the listings, and the owners see your report and fix it. This is why all other lists fail. No one person can maintain all this, and why should you when QuiltingHub does it for you and you can link to it for free!



Disadvantages To Quilters

If a listing is not verified by the owner every 60 days, it vanishes. If a listing owner chooses not to list themselves or their events, they appear nowhere and get no traffic. While we can not pound the importance of being visible to these organizations, you can. Tell them to add thier content and keep it accurate.


Quilting is a $3.7 Billion A Year Industry

Few hobby industries have as much impact on local economies as does quilting. By promoting the QuiltingHub Network on your municipality and quilting websites and making sure all your local shops, shows, classes, retreats, museums, service providers, and brands are on QuiltingHub, you promote local businesses and your local economy. Add the links to your sites and encourage those who have not listed to become a full member. Make a difference in your community today. This is why we created this network. Plug in today.

Want to learn more about advertising on the network? Read about advertising or feel free to contact us. Press contacts welcome.


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).



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