QuiltingHub Announces QuiltingHub Network


QuiltingHub is beginning to supply it's listing of shops and events to other websites and former competitors.  This is a step toward our mission of becoming the centralized source for all quilting information worldwide.  When complete, our listing customers will update once in one place and have the information be published everywhere.

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QuiltingHub Announces QuiltingHub Network

QuiltingHub's mission has always been to be the centralized and trusted source for all quilting information around the world.  We are one step closer to that goal.  Negotiations continue with our former competitors to supply our listing information (listings and events) to a network of sites around the world.


QuiltingHub Network Websites

  1. QuiltingHub.com - All listings & all events.
  2. QuiltersResources.com - All listings & all events. Added 9/1/2019, Read more.
  3. QuiltingEvents.com - all events.
  4. QuiltGuilds.org - All Quilt guilds/groups & their events.

Advantages For Our Member Listings

The advantage to those who have member listings and events published with us are:

  1. Add your listing detail and events in one place, instead of multiple sites.
  2. Reach more quilters.
  3. When you have your website calendar be a link to your QuiltingHub events calendar, it is even easier.


Advantages for Re-distributors

The advantage to those websites and books who partner with us to supply their data:

  1. More accuracy. Most sites/books have a 30 to 50% error ratio. We have 1-3%.
  2. Offload all the maintenance of the data to QuiltingHub.


Status & Future Plans

As of today, the first major site is completing negotiations and may showing our data in as soon as the end of August. We are in discussions with another five of our former competitors sites and books. Our future plans include other specialized and high traffic websites/books over the course of the next few months. The affect may be as high as 500,000 total visitors; which for QuiltingHub is four times the reach.


Want to join the QuiltingHub Network?

If you have a website or book that publishes information similar to what we provide, feel free to contact us to explore options to help improve your content and reach.

Want to add your member listing or events?  Read about our listing types or feel free to contact us.


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