Importance Of Events And How To Market Them


Did you know you can grow your organization using events? We explore what events and how to advertise them effectively.

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Importance Of Events And How To Market Them

Regardless of whether you are a guild, a quilt shop, service provider or a quilting brand; events are a powerful way to draw attention to your organization.

Importance Of Events And How To Market Them


Key Quilt Shop Events

Shop hops, sales and classes draw in the most customers.

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Key Guild Events

Meetings and quilt shows bring in quilters.

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Advertising Your Events

Put signs up around the region of the event. Post in the local newspapers (if price is reasonable). Shops post with the guilds, and guilds post with the shops.



Did You Know? QuiltingHub gets 1.2 million page views a month from quilters and most of them are looking for events. Guilds can post for free, and quilt shops (and brands) post for only $8/mo. Service providers and museums are $3/mo. Nothing else reaches more people and gets more results for less investment.



How to Post an Event on QuiltingHub


  1. Upgrade your listing. If you see an upgrade button, click it. If your listing does not exist, add it. If you have a guild and do not have access to it, contact us.


  1. Click the add an event button in the events section at the bottom of your listing.
add an event


  1. Select the event type
event type


  1. Enter the starting date and time of the event.
starting date


  1. Enter the ending date and time for the event. If the event lasts three days, make this be the end of the third day.
ending date


  1. Click repeating event only if your event occurs every month or week. Select how often it repeats.


  1. Enter Event Name. Please make this as short as possible. Long event names are dinged by the search engines.
event name


  1. Enter an event description that is about 155 characters long. Search engines (like Google) only pick up the first 155 character, so make it count.
event description


  1. Enter the web address of the event (only if a dedicated page exists).


  1. Enter the location for the event. If you have entered this location before, choose it from the drop down. Drag the map pointer to the correct spot.


  1. Enter any contact information you desire (or leave it empty).


  1. Enter the highest fee (if one exists). If more than one fee exists, add that to the description.


  1. Click Update. If any errors exist, they will appear just above the update. If no errors, your event will be added.


Educated Choice

You have made the educated choice to make sure your listing is upgraded and you are adding events. Reaching 1.2 million page views a month is a very smart and fun way to grow your organization for little or no cost to you. You will find that each event you add becomes easier. This is very true if you only have a few locations for your events because the system remembers those locations for you.




If you have questions, our staff has over 10 years of marketing experience. Contact us today.


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