Make Your QuiltingHub Listing Stand Out


QuiltingHub member listings can stand above the rest with some planning and execution of some simple steps. We explore them here.

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Make Your QuiltingHub Listing Stand Out

You can't go a day without hearing about QuiltingHub these days. Our members have been noticing more activity from their listing, on our Facebook, and the fact that we are getting over 30 times more traffic than any other quilting resources site; over 1.2 million page views each month. Want to see the latest stats? Visit QuiltingHub home page.

With all the talk, our upgraded members have been asking us how to make their listing stand out above the rest. We answer that here. First in the mindset of the 1/3 of a million quilters that use the site, and then to the 22,000 listings.

Make Your QuiltingHub Listing Stand Out


Mindset Of Our Quilters

To understand how to attract the quilters that use the site, we first need to understand how they think.

  • Quilters are more visual than readers.
  • They do not want to waste their time.
  • They love events.
  • They prefer listings with a proven track record. (Likes/Ratings)


Mindset Of Our Member Listings

Our member listings have joined QuiltingHub because it is the most trusted quilting resources site in the world, and it gets more traffic than anything else. They want that traffic of the quilters that use the site to come to them. However, many of our members are doing it wrong.


Common Mistake

Many of our member listings are living in the past, while our quilters are living in the present. They assume that simply having a basic listing (just like every other site and book) will get results. It makes sense; It always worked, so why won't it still work? It doesn't.

Quilters are busy, visual, and are drawn to events. They want to go places other people have enjoyed. If you just have a basic listing (no images, no likes/ratings, and no events), you are not attracting anyone. They will not be as interested to visit as other listings with photos, likes, ratings, and events.

Simple Listing Example


How To Change That / How To Get Quilter Traffic

The steps are simple:

  • Upgrade to a member listing (if you have not done so already)
  • Add a logo, and four similar sized attractive photos.
  • Get your likes and ratings up immediately (if your listing can be rated)
    • Step 1: Invite your top fans to like and rate you.
    • Step 2: Continuously invite everyone else
  • Add your events into the QuiltingHub calendar for your page. (if you have events)



I know this sounds like common sense to use the system for how it was designed to get maximum results, but I can tell you there is a huge difference in the results from people who do this and those who don't. It can be as much as 10 to 50 times more traffic.

In the cases where every other listing has done this, but yours has not, your listing may get no traffic at all because the quilters will not take a basic (uninteresting) listing seriously when others around them have completed listings.


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