Quilt Shop Owners Guide to QuiltingHub


As a quilt shop owner, I have been using QuiltingHub to bring in new customers for several years. I share three great tips so you can too!

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Quilt Shop Owners Guide to QuiltingHub

I have been an upgraded member of QuiltingHub to market both of my quilt shop locations for several years. I wanted to share with you the things I found work to get quilters in your quilt shop so you can have the same success I have using it.

Quilt Shop Owners Guide to QuiltingHub


How I began

I began using QuiltingHub like most of you. I had a free listing for about a year, and then decided that for only $8/mo, it was worth a try and I upgraded. It has turned out to be the best $8/mo I have ever spent on online advertising. I have recommended a few changes to QuiltingHub, some of which they applied in May 2017 such as adding logos to the lists and removing the shop hop events from the calendars of all quilt shops that have not upgraded. I am told more of my suggestions will be implemented in the coming months. It is nice to know they listen and improve.



What Works

I am going to share with you the tips of what I have seen brings in results. I tried some of these on one of my shops and not the other to prove it works. All of these tips work splendidly:



1. Logo / Photos

Make sure you add your logo and make sure your shop name is in it. (Read Importance Of Your Name In Your Logo which I helped write.) If you don’t have a logo with your name in it, get one. QuiltingHub has a great service for a simple logo for only $100. Put on four photos. The first should be of the front of the shop because quilters get lost, two should be the most beautiful shots of your fabric, and one of happy students in your classes. We know quilters react to photos more than words, so put this to work for you.



2. Add Your Events

I know what you are thinking. Do I have time to add my classes, sales, and shop hops? I thought the same thing. Actually, after you add the first one, it is pretty easy. I find the sales, shops hops, and classes bring in plenty of customers. The sales really pull people in because quilters decide to stop at your shop on the way if you have a sale.



3. Likes/Ratings

This is so important that I asked QuiltingHub to put them in the summary lists as well. You can thank me for the logos and the ratings they added. Quilters want to know how much other quilters liked the shop. They figure, and rightly so, that high ratings and high likes is a shop worth visiting.




The quilters who visit my shop from QuiltingHub, tell me they have dozens if not hundreds of quilt shops they can visit as they travel. It is the ratings, likes, images, and sales that draw them in. If you have a basic free listing, nothing about your listing is bringing in customers. They are going elsewhere. With QuiltingHub getting almost 1 million page views a month, everyone should take my advice to upgrade and add the items I mentioned above. You will get that money back, and then some! I have been for years! I think QuiltingHub is a great value to us. I still do not understand why they only charge us $8/mo. Don't get any ideas QuiltingHub, I am just saying you are the best value in in industry, don't start raising rates!

Editors Note: To activate your listing, visit it and click the orange claim button. If you already claimed it, login, visit the page and click any upgrade button.



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