Importance Of A Name In Your Logo


Your logo plays a key role on the internet with social media and sharing. We detail how to take advantage of this and offer a free logo to the first 100.

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Importance Of A Name In Your Logo

We have found that your logo must have your name in it to maximize results when quilters share your organization's website, Facebook page, or QuiltingHub Page on Facebook. Once shared quilters see your logo. You must have name recognition at this step to have success.

Importance Of A Name In Your Logo


Get A Free Logo Now Limited to First 100 (April 2017)

Professional logos can range from $250 to $2000 ($100 for a basic logo). QuiltingHub is offering the next 100 listings that activate their membership a free basic logo ($100 value). That means if you are a quilt shop, service provider (including retreats), museum, brand, or guild; you can get a free logo just for activating your membership. But this is only for the next 100, so act fast. Visit your listing today, and click activate to learn more. Claim your listing first, if you have not claimed it. Add it, if it did not exist.

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Existing Members Can Get a Logo Too May 2017 ONLY

QuiltingHub is offering any member listing on QuiltingHub a basic logo for only $100 for the month of May ONLY.

Contact us for a logo. You may qualify for a custom discount, or you can just order one by email. Please include your listing name.

Existing Member Offer


How We Make Them

The design is very simple and can be used on Facebook and QuiltingHub. Facebook logos must we 250 by 250 pixels. We take what you have now and turn it into a square. If you have nothing, we take elements from your website and/or Facebook page and incorporate them into a logo. If you have nothing to pull from, we create a very simple square logo with your name in it. You are not involved in the design. You simply get whatever we prepare for you. If you want a design where you are involved, it is available for $250. We will email you the logo in about 24-48 hours, but we expect it may be as long as a week in the peak of demand.

We tested this to a select group of quilt shops and guilds in the last week of April 2017, and we a virtually 100% signup and satisfaction rate.



The following are before and after images of logos of members that activated for the free logo during our trial period. This is just so you get a feel of what the quilt shops were getting when they signed up for a year of QUIltingHub ($96) and got a free logo ($100). That means they got a year of QuiltingHub's reach and a logo at essentially no cost. Remember, only the first 100 get this, so signup now. Contact us if you need help.








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