Quilters: Planning A Trip?


If you haven’t tried the Trip Planner on this QuiltingHub site, you’re missing out! You have to see this.

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Quilters: Planning A Trip?

If you haven’t tried the Trip Planner QuiltingHub site, you are seriously missing out!

Not only will it tell you all the quilt shops along your route, you can also set the sliding kilometer/mileage scale to indicate how far off the trail you’re willing to venture to find a quilt shop.

Quilters: Planning a Trip?


Setting the scale to 15 miles, I found 29 quilt shops on a 460-mile trek between Oklahoma City and Panama, Iowa. The planner also tells me there are no quilt related events scheduled during the week (including sales and shows) for the same route.


A quick click on the name of the listed shop brings up the address and phone number (where one’s available).

Tip: If you are a shop, you really need to add your phone number, photos of the shop, and any sales.

Remember to click verify if the shop is still there, and click No, if there is a listing error and give the shop the ability to fix their oversight.

trip planner 1


But if we trek on further north and east, say from Pittsburgh to Torrington, CT, there are almost 50 shops. The planner also tells me there are two quilt shows along that route, one in September and one in October. Not only does it list the shows, it lists the sponsoring guild, the times, addresses, etc., everything you need to get there.


The interactive map is so easy to use; easy to set a route, to change that route, to change how far off the beaten path you’re willing to go, whether you’re interested in just quilt shops, or in shops and guilds and museums and events, etc.

trip planner 2


Keep an eye on your off-the-road distance when you change a location as it will go back to the longest, which is almost 60 miles. Now, if it’s a quilters only road trip, that might be doable. But I think most spouses might have an objection to a 120-mile round trip to a quilt shop. Unless, of course, you are married to a quilter or an angel!

Check it out by clicking the icon now. Please share with your quilting friends. Thanks!


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Carol Campbell

I became involved in quilting when the newspaper I worked for (The Oklahoman) sent me to a Quilt Camp. The camp fees were paid and half the fabric cost by the paper. For three days all we did was piece quilt tops. What an introduction to the great world of quilting! I was hooked and have been ever since.

Husband and I have been married almost 52 years; two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Lots of people to make quilts for!


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