Quilt Shops Of Georgetown Texas


Quilting Contessa visits the top quilt shops in Georgetown Texas and share with you the treasures she finds using the Quilter's Trip Planner.

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Quilt Shops Of Georgetown Texas

Traveling with QuiltingHub's mapping feature (called the Quilter's Trip Planner) offers a whole new adventure in visiting quilt shops of Texas. Today, we visited the quilt shops of Georgetown Texas.

Editor's Note: The Trip Planner can be used to find quilt shops, guilds, museums, quilt shows, and sales around the world. If you are a quilt shop you will get better results by getting ratings and adding your sales and classes.

Quilt Shops Of Georgetown Texas


Poppy Quilt ‘n Sew - Georgetown, TX

Poppy's new owner is Michelle Bailey. We soon learned that the poppy is the Georgetown city flower and the shop carries fabrics to meet that need. They offer lots of classes and we were told by customers that the staff members are all good teachers. They said that there was always something new to learn and I had to agree. Each time I asked a question, the answer was, "Come, let me show you!"

Poppy Quilt n Sew Georgetown


We saw their "Too Cool" t-shirt quilt business and the 108" inch minke they use for backings. They had 40 and 60-inch minke on the sales floor. The owner also noted that they had one of the best batik selections in the area. This shop participates in Quilts of Valor and has the fabric to back this up. I don’t think I had ever seen Stitch by Number before, but they had that too!

Poppy Stitch by Number


Some people are born to teach, and these ladies were all born teachers!

Poppy fabric


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Remember you can find shops that have sales too. If you have too many shops to visit, try narrowing down to the shops that have sales or the highest ratings.


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A cloth which traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Due to modern advances in the textile industry, the term has been extended to include fabrics which incorporate traditional batik patterns even if they are not produced using the wax-resist dyeing techniques. Silk batik is especially popular.
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