Stunning New Trip Planner™ - October 2015


Summarizes the amazing improvements to the QuiltingHub quilting events Trip Planner™ made in October 2015.

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Stunning New Trip Planner™ - October 2015

The quilter's Trip Planner™ will search for quilting events or places to visit (like quilt shops) in any area or along a travel route. Switch between events and places with a click of a button.

We reworked the places Trip Planner™ in September 2015, and the events were reworked in October. Now both are mobile friendly, faster, and easier to use.

New & Improved

Events have the most changes, so we will cover them. Some of the key improvements:

  1. Mobile friendly.
  2. Enter one address for an area search or two for a trip.
  3. Map, list, and calendar views instantly with a single click.
  4. Distance slider to expand or reduce the search area in seconds.
  5. Date range slider to find the best time to travel in seconds.
  6. Dates default to 1 year from today, so you rarely need to enter them.
  7. Map is an expandable view of event locations.
  8. List is a view of all events in the area (with re-occurrences removed).
  9. Calendar view by month, week, or day.
  10. Share the results with a single click (Facebook, G+, etc)

Additional features that remain:

  • Hide/show event types instantly with a single click.
  • Change between events & places with a single click.
  • Area search up to a 200 miles (322 K) radius.
  • Route search up to 60 miles (97 K) wide along your route.

Help us stay #1 - Share your ideas

You can get a quick tour of the features with the video. All these changes came from our quilters (our users). You made us the top search site in Google, Yahoo, & Bing by telling us what you wanted. We get more repeat visitors than any other site or app in the world per month. What else would you like to see? Tell us.

Enter Your Events

More than 1/2 of our searches are for events. If you have not yet entered your event(s), do it now. (Requires user registration so you can edit it later, and a listing on the system so people know who is sponsoring it.) Contact us if you need help. Event types:

  • Quilt Shows
  • Quilting Classes
  • Shop Hops
  • Quilt Shop Sales
  • Retreats
  • Trips
  • Guild Meetings
  • Special Events (like one stop shop hops, & museum displays)
  • Call For Quilts (appears only on list)
  • Call For Charity (appears only on list)

Trip Planner Events Tour Video

How To Add An Event Video

Map View With New Features By #

Quilter's Events Trip Planner

Example With List Clicked

Quilter's Events Trip Planner

Example With Month Clicked

Quilter's Events Trip Planner

Day Clicked & Event Clicked

Quilter's Events Trip Planner

Route Example & Location Clicked

Quilter's Events Trip Planner

Route With Distance & Dates Moved

Quilter's Events Trip Planner


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