Add Your Quilting Resource To QuiltingHub


Did you know QuiltingHub.com is the adverting resource reaching 1.2 million quilter page views a month that you are not using correctly? Read to learn more.

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Add Your Quilting Resource To QuiltingHub

Did you know QuiltingHub is a powerful resource to maximize your advertising results reaching quilters? Did you know QuiltingHub has plenty of advertising tips designed for you?

Add Your Quilting Resource To QuiltingHub


Power of QuiltingHub

  • QuiltingHub is a way shop owners, guilds, brands, service providers and museums can get access to 1.2 million page views a month using the combined upgraded member advertising buying power -- much like a coop. This means you reach far more quilters than you would by yourself for the same monthly fee (from $3 to $8/mo and free for guilds).
  • No other site or books reaches as many quilters as QuiltingHub. If you add together the traffic of every other quilting resources website and book, you less than 20% of QuiltingHub’s monthly traffic. Add, claim, upgrade, and “maximize” your results today.


How To Your Add Content

QuiltingHub is entirely community maintained. Quilters add all the quilt shops, museums, guilds, brands, and service providers. Those who maintain those listings add all the quilt shows, sales, shop hops, and other events. QuiltingHub does not add or maintain these listings, you do.

To add a listing, login (or register on QuiltingHub.com as yourself) and click the green Add Or Suggest A Listing found on every page.

To add an event, login to QuiltingHub using an account that has admin access to a public listing on the site. Visit your listing, and click the add an event button found events list section of your listing. You must have an upgraded member listing and have admin access to that listing to add events. Guild memberships are free.



More About Membership

For information on memberships, click the colored “click here” button under “List Your Information?” on the home page of QuiltingHub.com. This details the value of memberships and how to use them.



Maximizing Your Results

Once your listing is published, click the blue “How To Maximize Your Results” button on your listing detail page for proven marketing tips that gets results from our 1.2 million page views a month.



Did You Know?

  • If you suggest a listing for someone else to claim, they must claim it in 45 days.
  • If you have a listing that has not been claimed by you, it will be removed if you do not claim and maintain it.
  • Quilt shops that have been claimed, but not upgraded, will get an email every 45 days with your listing facts. Simply click “accept” in that email to verify it, or click edit to make changes.
  • Listings for which the owner does not spend the two seconds to verify every 45 days will be removed after 90 days. Quilters and quilt shop owners can verify the listing. As long as someone verifies it within 90 days it will not be removed. Upgraded listings are not subject to the 90 day removal or the verification emails. Upgraded listings get over 30 times more traffic when they follow the “How To Maximize Your Results” over basic listings.
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  • 14 Keys to Planning a Great Quilt Show
  • Attracting Younger Visitors To Your Museum
  • How To Be a Brand Ambassador
  • Why Your Service Must Have Your Name In Your Logo


Treat QuiltingHub As Your Resource

We at QuiltingHub spent over 1.5 million dollars creating the most visited quilting resources website in the world. It is your responsibility to make sure the content is complete and accurate. If you see an error in a listing click “No” next to “Is This Listing Accurate?” If it is accurate, click “Yes.” Add missing content, even if you are suggesting it. Make sure the owners claim their listing and upgrade them to “maximize” their results.

Attention advertisers, this is your business or group. This tool will only benefit you if you use it. If you don't, it benefits someone else. Take responsibility for it and maximize it on the site designed for you to reach the most quilters for the best value. No one else is going to to take responsibility for you.



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