How To Be a Brand Ambassador


As a quilter, have you ever wanted to be a brand ambassador? Wonder what is involved and how to do it? Read the tips from a current brand ambassador.

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How To Be a Brand Ambassador

In today’s economy, many businesses are relying on interested people to be part of their company. A brand ambassadorship program is one which is beneficial to both parties. In the quilting industry, it usually means free product vs monetary compensation for one party, and 'exposure' for the other.

How to be a Brand Ambassador


Increase Visibility

There's usually a free exchange on social media on both parts. Social media is a great place to begin this discussion. Millions of people visit social media outlets daily and depending on how you handle things, expose the elements of your business will depend on the outcome. Communication is very important for the two parties to succeed.



Know The Goals

Knowing what your goals are will help you outline your success. It just is one of those quintessential truths about succeeding in business. As important as your goals are, you must be sure they are a good match and fit you brand goals. Being organized and clearly following the goals, guidelines, and not beating around the bush about what is expected from each party in being a Brand Ambassador can make or break your success.



Summary Of What You Do

Being a brand ambassador for a fabric company can be rewarding in so many ways. Many fabric companies have guidelines that ambassadors need to follow. For example, they will give you projects that you will need to make, many provide the fabric from their latest lines Then when the project is completed in the time frame specified in the guidelines you will be required to share on social media. Like Facebook or Twitter. Many of these companies' Facebook pages  are specifically meant for their ambassadors. They are private pages for those ambassadors to share with other ambassadors in the company. As this is to help with your following. They also may require you to share your experience on a blog. Having a blog and sharing with your followers and the world can be incredibly satisfying. And if you are keeping a blog for business purposes it can help you increase the numbers of your followers. Making you more successful. Only you can tell if this is the right step for you to make. So, I do hope this helps you explain how to be a Brand Ambassador.



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