What Companies Look For In Brand Ambassadors


Whether you are looking to be a quilting brand ambassador or a brand looking for an ambassador there are key traits to look for. Read the traits.

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What Companies Look For In Brand Ambassadors

Do you want to be part of a company that you just love their product so much that you just cannot get enough of it? Many companies look for individuals who will be a good match for them and reward them monetarily or in free product.

What Companies look for in Brand Ambassadors


Mutual Agreement

You should remember to be in the mindset that these companies make it beneficial for both interested parties. The goals and guidelines are usually agreed upon by signing a contract of some kind and most require you to follow those guidelines suited for their company.




In the fabric and quilting industry, companies typically pay in product. For example, most fabric companies require that you be in the industry. What I mean by that is, in the quilting industry they typically look for individuals that design quilts, write patterns, or teachers that teach in quilt shows.




Companies also look for people who are willing to share their projects that they make or that they create on various social media outlets. Almost all fabric, quilting, and machine company’s use social media outlets to promote their business. They also require that you have a website or blog to share a story about what you have created. Times constraints are that of a burden, as time flies when you’re having fun. It usually is very inviting for most, as getting free product, especially fabric, is one of the best parts. Waiting for the man in brown can be the highlight of one’s hum drum day. And then the big reveal with pictures or videos, and seeing all that fabric, is a feeling typically very hard to describe. You need to remember and never forget: As an ambassador, you represent a company and their name. Keeping any controversial comments off social media is particularly important. No one wants a person who will cause them harm to their business. So, if you have social media accounts, remember to keep things light and enjoyable. No company wants conflict. If chosen to be an ambassador, enjoy the journey. You won’t regret it. It really is a good thing to get into.



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