4 Keys To Success In The Quilting Industry


Often the keys to success start with your mind, and then the actions come to reach your goals. Read these quick tips on how to succeed.

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4 Keys To Success In The Quilting Industry

As quilt shop owners, service providers, brands, and online shop owners, we want to make sure we are not waiting for opportunities to grow our business or waiting for that perfect moment to grow.

4 Keys To Success In The Quilting Industry


1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A lot of times, you have to make the opportunity. You have to get out there and put yourself in a situation where you can find those opportunities. You create them by getting out there and doing something. You have to network. You have to get out of your comfort zone. So many of us are living day to day, we do not do something to grow and grow big.

Comfort zone


2. Take Action

You must have some actions to get to where you want to go. Make sure you are not spending too much time telling yourself, "I am going to wait for this to happen before I take action." Get out there and find that person. Get out there and find those opportunities.

take action - steps


3. Progress Forward

Do something to progress forward. If you continue the path you have always taken, you will end up where you have always been. But if you identify something that gives you the passion or desire to succeed, then you will take action on it.

take steps


4. Your Why

Identify your "why". Why do you want to succeed? Why do you want your goal? It could be financial, expensive things, a life style, helping people, family, or a new house. The great Earl Nightingale said that only 5 percent of people become successful, and all successful people have a passion driving them to create and obtain goals. They do not wait for opportunities, they create them. Feel free to listen to what Earl had to say.

Earl Nightingale



Find your "why", set goals, and seek out opportunities to reach those goals. You will find that when you are looking, you are far more likely to see those opportunities to help you. Talk to experts in the field, learn what they do. Find leaders and sources that will help you grow, and plug in. Above all, follow successful people. First you have to "sees" the opportunity to "cease" the opportunity.



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