Guide To Being A Thriving Quilt Shop


QuiltingHub has been helping shops be successful since 2010 and shops have been writing tips. We combined all of this knowledge to give you three tips.

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Guide To Being A Thriving Quilt Shop

QuiltingHub has been helping shops be successful since 2010. In addition, shops have published tips on their success to you on QuiltingHub since 2013. I combined all of this knowledge to give you three tips below:

Guide To Being A Thriving Quilt Shop


1 Repeat Local Business

ROTATION: You MUST rotate your fabric to keep locals coming back. Having a monthly end-of-bolt sale is a great way to do this. This event is easy to setup on QuiltingHub to auto repeat.



FACEBOOK: Facebook is only used to keep your locals coming back. It does not make people who do not know about you come to you. For that, see point #2. Posts on Facebook should be:

  • Photos of new stuff in the shop
  • Photos of sale items or sales
  • Class announcements
  • Photos of customer completed projects


2 Advertise for non-locals

Your new customers will likely be people who moved to the area or are traveling through. It is vital that you have a Google Places page and keep it accurate. Unfortunately, only 10 to 30% of quilt shops will be found by Goggling for quilt shops in the area. None will be found by Googling for quilt shops along a trip route. QuiltingHub's Trip Planner does both of these and tells the quilters about shows, sales, and shop hops along the way. Something Google will never do. It is VITAL that you have an upgraded listing on QuiltingHub and enter your shop hops, sales, and classes. This is where almost 2 million page views a month find you on QuiltingHub.com, QuiltersResources.com, QuiltingEvents.com, and QuilterwsTravelCompanion.com. If you are not an upgraded member and do not have your events entered, you will not be found where quilters are looking for you.



3 Friendly and Helpful

Always greet people who come through the door and let them know you are there to help them. Go out of your way to be helpful so they will rate you highly and tell others.

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Summary: The best way to kill a shop is not have new stuff, not remind your locals about you, and not advertise where everyone else is looking for you in the way they are looking for you. Example: When someone uses QuiltingHub's Trip Planner to see all the shops from Bangor, Maine to Washington, DC there may be 144 shops along the way; but only 5 have sales. Guess which shops they will visit? You have to do these three items listed above, or you will not be as successful your competitors who do invest in there business.



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