QuiltersTravelCompanion.com Joins the QuiltingHub Network


We are excited to announce that QuiltersTravelCompanion.com has joined the QuiltingHub Network. This has huge impact for our advertisers. Read all about it.

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QuiltersTravelCompanion.com Joins the QuiltingHub Network

QuiltersTravelCompanion.com joining the QuiltingHub Network has a huge impact for our quilt shop, quilt guild, and quilt retreat facility advertisers. All of their content will now be displayed on this quilting travel icon's website. It adds great value to the quilters and advertisers. There is no increase in rates to existing QuiltingHub advertisers. The new rates for QTC customers is free for guilds, $8/month for shops, and $3 a month for retreat facilities. A huge drop in cast for even larger visibility. Everybody wins.

QuiltersTravelCompanion.com Joins the QuiltingHub Network


What changes at QTC?

The QuiltersGiftShop.com will not be used and the domain name is for sale. Contact us if interested.

The QuiltersTravelCompanion.com has been improved and easier to navigate. It reached more quilters online than books were being sold. Now with the ad content also appearing on the QuiltingHub Network, the value to our advertisers is through the roof. Almost 2 million page views a month.

The book is no longer in print. There is no plan to bring back the paper copy because the cost exceeded the sales. Most quilters were using the website. We may do an e-book at some point, but nothing is planned. By not being in print the listing requirement dates are gone. You can add content at any time for constant updates, and the content will not zero out every 2 years anymore.

Quilt Shops listed on QTC are members only (same as always). However, no free quilt shop listings will appear. Shops will have to be upgraded on the QuiltingHub Network to appear on QTC.


Quilting is a $3.7 Billion A Year Industry

Few hobby industries have as much impact on local economies as does quilting. By promoting the QuiltingHub Network on your municipality and quilting websites and making sure all your local shops, shows, classes, retreats, museums, service providers and brands are on QuiltingHub; you promote local businesses and your local economy. Add the links to your sites and encourage those who have not listed to become a full member. Make a difference in your community today. This is why we created this network. Plug in today.

Want to learn more about advertising on the network? Read about advertising or feel free to contact us. Press contacts welcome.


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The part of a quilt that hangs down the sides of your mattress.
Method of using an iron to press seams and blocks. This means simply pressing downwards on the seam with the iron from above and not moving the iron back and forth which can distort the block or seam.
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