A Quilt Shop Owner's Guide To QuiltingHub


As a quilt shop owner, I want to share that QuiltingHub is the best advertising value in the industry and how to use it to make money for your shop.

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A Quilt Shop Owner's Guide To QuiltingHub

As a quilt shop owner, I work hard to market my shop. QuiltingHub.com offers the best value. It is only $8/mo and gets over 1 million page views a month. It is a no-brainer. What I wanted to share is how to get that traffic coming to you.

Quilt Shop Owner's Guide to QuiltingHub


First, upgrade your listing. Second, upload photos. Third, add your sales and classes. Those simply steps will put you far ahead of most of your competitors. Most of your local shops will keep the free listing, and not realize quilters go to the shops with photos and sales. Name one quilter who will go to the shop with sales and photos over a shop with just a name and address. All of them. Duh!




It is super easy. Login, visit your listing, and click upgrade (or claim).


Add Your Logo

Visit your page, and add your logo by clicking the edit pencil in the logo. Make sure your logo has the shop name clearly visible.


Add Your Shop Photos

Click the edit pencil next to the images and upload the front the shop and three photos of inside the shop. Make all the same size. If you teach classes, put in one shot of students in your class having fun.

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Add Your Events

Click the add events, and add all your sales and your classes.

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Bonus Tip

Send a message in your next newsletter with a link to your QuiltingHub page and ask every to like and rate the shop. Put a sign under a piece of Plexiglas on your checkout counter to have your customers like and rate your QuiltingHub page. The higher your ratings, the most visitors you get.

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Make More Money

That is it. We have on QuiltingHub since it started and have watched Paul grow the site to the soaring levels it is today. We get a great many customers from the site and encourage you do to the same. I really believe it is the best value for us. Pass it on to your favorite quilt shops anywhere in the world.

Upgrade today, and if you need friendly support, call Paul. He has helped me for over 6 years, and he can help you.



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