2023 Top Quilting Resources Awards


In 2023 Quilters can vote for their favorite quilt shops, online quilt shops, brands, service providers, and museums.  The huge bragging rights will grow each of these winners to the stars!

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2023 Top Quilting Resources Awards

In 2023, QuiltingHub and Quilters’ Travel Companion will be announcing the top Quilt Shops, top online quilt shops, Top Brands, Top Museums, Top Quilt Guild/Group, and Top Service Provider Awards as voted by the World’s Quilters.

2023 Top Quilting Resources Awards


For example, the current top Brand in the world is InkLingo.



To Vote:

  • You must be a quilter registered as a user on QuiltingHub.com
  • You must visit the listing and give it a rating as well as “Like” it.
  • You can favorite it as well for best results.

Registered Users May Vote


To Have Your Organization be entered/considered:

  • Your Guild/Group/Shop/Museum/Brand/Service must be an Upgrade and fully published member of QuiltingHub.com displaying on the entire network (including Quilters Travel Companion) with full information completely listed.
  • Your Rating, Likes and favorites action buttons must be fully activated on QuiltingHub.com so that users can click them. This requires a fully upgraded listing.
  • You can not rate or like your own listing or you will be disqualified.
  • You need to follow the directions in the likes/reating section of the [How TO Maximize Your Results] button on your listing. You can reach out to the staff at QuiltingHub.com for guidance and assistance.



Benefits of being rated as a Top Listing:

  • You can brag on your website, Facebook page, and everywhere that you were awarded a QuiltingHub Top award.
  • QuiltingHub will do extra publishing (such as our Newsletter) touting the best of the best which will increase your traffic to your organization.


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