Why The Quilting Industry Relies On Data To Grow


Ever wonder how the quilting industry is affected by the information age and why some shops and brands grow better than others? It is data.

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Why The Quilting Industry Relies On Data To Grow

Pretty much every industry relies on data today.

Why The Quilting Industry Relies On Data To Grow


Quilters Needs

Quilters need to accurately find shows, guilds, services, shops and which brands they carry. Having this mapped and travel routes has become a necessity for quilters.



Manufacturers Needs

Quilting manufacturers need to know which shops carry their products for their where-to-buy maps. An impossibility when shops buy through distributors.



Quilt Shops Needs

Quilt shops need to attract more customers to their shops and events to increase profits.



QuiltingHub Solved Those Needs

QuiltingHub was created to be the hub of all quilting information worldwide. This became the paradigm shift that allowed shops, guilds, and brands to grow.


Benefit To Shops

When shops upgrade their QuiltingHub membership, they get that visibility and select the brands they sell. This gives the shops control over their listing content, events, and brands carried.



Benefit To Brands

When brands activate their membership, they get control over their listing and can use the where-to-buy maps maintained by the shops (not the brand) which can save brands up to $10,000 a year where-to-buy map maintenance costs.



How To Assure Your Organization Plugs In Correctly

If your organization is not a member, reach out to us to discuss all the benefits of membership and get the guidance you need to plug in and grow.




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