Add Where-To-Buy To Your Quilting Brand Website


One of the biggest headaches for quilting brands is maintaining and displaying a list of quilt shops that sell your brand. We discuss the easiest solution.

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Add Where-To-Buy To Your Quilting Brand Website

If you are a quilting brand, you need to take advantage of this very low cost option to put a 'where-to-buy' button and map on your website. As more and more quilt shops have been activating their memberships on QuiltingHub in recent months, they are selecting your brand as a brand they sell. We have the map of who sells your brand; you just need to activate your membership, and put it on your website. Think of all the new customers and shops looking for your product with this additional brand awareness. Making more money is good, isn't it? Take a look at this wise investment.

Add Where To Buy To Your Website


Where Top Buy (Click for Timeless Treasures Fabrics brand page - then click their button)


The Problem

Every single brand that sells products has the problem of trying to balance the fact that their end customers (the quilters) want to know where to buy the product against the fact that maintaining the list is an expensive nightmare plagued with problems. Here are the issue you face:

  • Quilt shops open and close so fast.
  • You don't even know about the shops who use a distributor.
  • Getting an accurate address is impossible, so a map is impossible.  So, you just use a list.
  • Your end customers want maps, and you can not provide it.
  • The cost of maintaining the list is over $400 a year.


The Dream

Wouldn't it be nice if some provider existed who already had an accurate database of all the quilt shops that was maintained by the shops and the quilters so you do not have to? Wouldn't it be amazing if for a modest $8/month you could tap into this service and get the benefit of additional market visibility for your product to the shops and the quilters (with over 1.2 million page views a month)?

You have to be dreaming right? For less investment cost than you spent maintaining your list, you could have a button you could add to your site and get additional marketing benefits? If only! If only!


The Solution

QuiltingHub offers all of this for only $8/month. All you have to do is activate your brand listing, complete it, and add the "Where To Buy" button to your website. Then you can let the customers, quilt shops, and additional orders just roll in. All for less than the investment of doing it on your own!  This is not a dream.  QuiltingHub has been in business since 2010, and an industry leader since 2013.


How To Proceed

Click the Add Or Suggest a listing to begin. You can watch a video on how to add a listing as well. If you need help, please contact us. Also, we have sponsorship options available for even higher visibility.


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