Internet Wonderland For Quilters - Pinterest


Pinterest is a picture based bulletin board where you post images to generate interest or share what you are doing. Users can click into the site which brings them back to you to generate and hold their interest.

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Internet Wonderland For Quilters - Pinterest


Every picture tells a story. Pinterest is a tale told by pictures. It's an online scrap book for all kinds of people's photos, ideas, projects and images. It runs from visually stunning to homey to mind blowing, one image at a time. People build boards on themes that interest them. It can be virtually on any idea. Those boards are visible to other Pinterest users who can pin those images or other images they find on the web on to their boards.

It's a fascinating collection. And it's where to catch someone's eye. Each time you post a new pin, it ends up on the image stream of Pinterest. Anyone looking can click on it, and come to your pinned image which has information about where that pin came from. They can click on that image to come to your site, your blog, or your page with more information about the wonderful picture they clicked on.

There are other photo sites. Instagram, Flickr, and Picassa all give places to sort and show photographs. But Pinterest is the best broad spectrum image site that allows room for art, projects, recipes, fashion, crafts, and everything in between.


How does this work for Guilds, Teachers, and Individual Quilters?

It's a fabulous place for ideas, projects, showing off achievements and group efforts.


For Store Keepers:

What a great way of showing off what you've got. And it's a great way to show class projects, and happenings.


For Manufacturers:

It's a place to capture the public imagination showing how your products make new things possible, exciting and easy. Like Facebook, it drives traffic back to your blog, video or site. They see your picture, become intrigued and click through to learn more. The interface for users is seamless.

Pinterest Concerns:


It's a lot of fun. It's also got some serious copyright issues. Your original pin will probably source where the pin came from. Three or for pins later, it may not. And some people do not want their images pinned for fear of copyright abuse. So check first. Ask people if they don't post their permission on their site. And check to see that the connecting data is correctly present.

Use Pinterest to visually strut your stuff and take them back to your site to learn more about what you have to offer.


Will you need help with Pinterest?

This site really couldn't be easier. You pin an image and it goes on a board. There's almost nothing technical to learn. If you feel quite challenged, ask a local kid. It is time consuming. If your time is limited, you may want someone designated to do your pinning and searching for pins.


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Ellen Eddy

Ellen has spent most of her life teaching, writing or working with fabric, and now she’s come to a point where all occupations blend.  She began quilting in response to a gift from a neighbor who saved a quilt top from one of her mother’s cleaning fits, and gave it to her, quilted, once she was grown.  She has been quilting ever since.  She currently teaches for quilt guilds and conferences a series of fiber art courses covering all kinds of machine embroidery techniques for quilters.  

Her quilt, Dancing in the Light was acquired in June 2010 by the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.

Her book, Thread  Magic Garden, is now available from C&T Publishers. Her  first book, Thread Magic- The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy,  has proved to be a classic text on free motion and fiber art. Recently Ellen has started her own publication company, Thread Magic Studio Press, and has published small classroom books for herself and other teachers.

She has written for numerous fiber arts publications, including Quilting Arts, American Quilter, and Quilter’s Newsletter, Threads and Fiber Arts.

She also consults with stores/artists / and other quilting professionals on how to use social media as free/low cost advertisement. and community building.

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