Maximize Your Service Listing on QuiltingHub


This is your custom guide on how to get the most out of QuiltingHub for your service. This article only works if viewed from the listing detail page.

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Maximize Your Service Listing on QuiltingHub

QuiltingHub's Goal

Most of you know that QuiltingHub is committed to making sure you get the most out of QuiltingHub, and to grow the quilting industry. To do that, we need to make sure every quilt group realizes that by working together on the items listed in this guide, we will all grow the industry.

Maximize Your Service Listing on QuiltingHub


Marketing Changes in Last 10 Years

Quilters went from using books and magazines to using the internet. Most of the major quilters we know have a sizable internet presence. You can use QuiltingHub to your advantage like they do.

The most important things to do will be adding your service photos, service categories, events (if applicable), and making sure your likes/ratings are as high as possible. Services that do this will get more business. The services that delay doing this will hand the business to the neighboring shops that have already done it.


Adding Your Photos

Add your service logo and include your service name clearly in the logo.

The four other images you should add include:

  1. Photo of service examples (as beautiful as possible)
  2. Photo of service examples
  3. Photo of service examples
  4. Photo of happy students (if you have students), or more examples.


Select Your Services

People find you or decide to use your service based on the services you provide. Make sure to select them from the list of services to highlight what you provide.


Adding Your Events (if applicable)

About half of the way quilters find you are through your events. If events are part of your business, make sure you add them. After you add your first event, they are pretty easy. To add an event, click the green 'add an event' button found at the bottom of your listing detail page.


Get Likes & Ratings

Today, most quilters will use the quality of the likes and ratings on your QuiltingHub detail page to select which service providers they wish to use. The process is simple:

  1. First, manually email your closest and most trusted supporters and ask them to like and rate you on QuiltingHub. It takes 5 ratings before your rating appears. By starting with it higher, the rest of your customers will likely copy that rating.
  2. Second, after #1 has played out and the likes and ratings are complete; ask everyone else (in your next newsletter and Facebook).
  3. After #1 is complete, put the like/rate us icon on your website, cash register, front door, the walls of your facility, newsletter, receipts, announcements, and all handouts.
Clickable Icon
HTML Code To Cut And Paste Onto Your Site
Like And Rate Us on QuiltingHub
Like And Rate Me on QuiltingHub
Downloadable SignLike And Rate Us on QuiltingHub


You can download an image or a document to print the sign above.

Downloadable SignLike And Rate Me on QuiltingHub


You can download an image or a document to print the sign above.


Finish The Completion Guide

Follow all the steps in the red "Page Completion Guide" button found on your listing detail page. These will include:

  • Service Description
  • Hours (if applicable)
  • Link to QuiltingHub on your website home page. This can be any link to any part of the website. More examples of what you can link to are found below:


Other Link Examples

The following are link examples you can use on your website, newsletters, and blogs:

Clickable Icon
HTML Code To Cut And Paste Onto Your Site
Quilting Terminology
Visit Us On QuiltingHub
Our Calendar On QuiltingHub
Quilting Events On QuiltingHub
Quilters Trip Planner on QuiltingHub
Find Guild Speakers On QuiltingHub
Find Services On QuiltingHub


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Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

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