Becoming a Sponsor of QuiltingHub


Sponsors of QuiltingHub get the highest visibility on the website.  The three levels are discussed and compared.  Spots are limited and applications are being accepted now.

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Becoming a Sponsor of QuiltingHub

With over 1 million page views a month, QuiltingHub is the smart choice for demanding advertising budgets. We have two different types of sponsorships -- website and newsletter. Your organization can sponsor our website, or your event (quilt show or retreat) can sponsor our newsletter.


QuiltingHub Newsletter Sponsorship

Anyone with a quilt show or a quilt retreat may sponsor our newsletter. This will publicize your event on QuiltingHub to all our readers. Please inquire about our free sponsorship offer when you contact us.

Becoming a Sponsor of QuiltingHub


QuiltingHub Website Sponsorship

QuiltingHub announces new sponsorship levels for quilting brands looking to obtain high visibility in target markets.  Sponsors can appear on nearly every page of the quilter's Trip Planner™. The Trip Planner™ has been the leading source for quilters to find quilt shops, quilt shows, quilt shop sales, shop hops, classes, and retreats worldwide for several years. QuiltingHub is a privately owned company with the mission of providing the most trusted source of quilting resources and information, and helping the industry grow. The new sponsor levels bring the 400,000 quilter base in reach of almost any quilting brand while increasing retail store visibility. For more information, contact us.


Sponsor Level Chart

Level Home Page Quilt Shop Lists Trip Planner™ Quilt Shop Pages
Regular Yes - - -
Silver Yes Yes - -
Gold Yes Yes Yes Yes


Regular Level Sponsors

Sponsor brands appear on the home page and on quilt shop detail pages that sell their brand as a clickable link.

Silver Level Sponsors

Same as Regular, but also appears on the quilt shop lists.

Gold Level Sponsors

Same as Silver, but also appears on detail pages, and the Trip Planner™. This consists of nearly every place a quilter would see quilt shop information.  This maximizes your visibility to quilters who are behaving like a buyer.

Existing Sponsors (Regular)

Existing sponsors that are grandfathered in to their regular sponsorship positions are unaffected. They will still enjoy front page visibility as long as their membership remains in good standing.


Contact us for the latest pricing and options. There are a limited number of spots available.


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