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QuiltingHub ties all of quilting together in one place. Users can accurately find all events, shops, museums, services and manufacturers in one place. They can even plan trips based on what they can visit or do . The simplified search process makes it so much easier for them to find you.

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Internet Wonderland For Quilters - QuiltingHub

There are many information hubs on the internet. A hub offers a listing of all kinds of different groups/stores and sites. Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and web sites are not organized easily to find on the web. Even with a great search engine, you can spend a lot of time looking for them one by one. So a hub does that sorting for you. It's a great place to start your search. Finding one store, one teacher's site, one manufacturer, one by one on the web is exhausting. And many users just won't work that hard. So a hub gives them one place to go to search for all of it.

But not all hubs are equal. They are only as good as the sites listed there and unhelpful if their information isn't fresh. The more a hub excludes groups and people, the less useful it is, too. A hub that only covers one manufacturer, one affiliated organization, one state or region, is obviously self-limiting. But a hub also needs to organize its information in a way that the user can quickly focus on what they need and ignore the rest.


Here are some of the things a good information hub can accomplish.

  • It can be accessed and added to by the community to suggest, verify, and report errors on any listing.
  • It should tell you how current that information is.
  • It can connect a worldwide data base to your local sources and happenings.
  • It can map your local stores, guilds, museums, galleries, and service providers from worldwide database.
  • It can provide you with a list of stores, happenings, galleries, and guilds along your travel route.
  • It can find your brands, service providers, guild speakers, and internet shops.
  • It can find the nearest shop by brand or service.
  • It can locate speakers and teachers by their skills and specialties.

Quilting Hub is a truly innovative hub that has all of the features you don't always find. It's large enough to be comprehensive. It's organized in such a way that it's not overwhelming for someone searching on it. There's active phone help should you need it. And it's set up to be affordable for listers, and to permit them real control over their listing, their visibility and their internet presence. For the person searching, utilizing an information hub slashes your search time. If you wish to be found, it multiplies the possibility of that. There really is no downside to using and being part of a good information hub.


Do you need help to use QuiltingHub?

QuiltingHub comes with comprehensive phone help and lots of hand holding. Even if you are very nervous about computers, you've got the help to do this.


When do you update QuiltingHub?

When the information changes, change it there first! Information hubs are useless if they are not up to date. So when the class changes or the new dates are up for the meeting, put it there right away.


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Ellen Eddy

Ellen has spent most of her life teaching, writing or working with fabric, and now she’s come to a point where all occupations blend.  She began quilting in response to a gift from a neighbor who saved a quilt top from one of her mother’s cleaning fits, and gave it to her, quilted, once she was grown.  She has been quilting ever since.  She currently teaches for quilt guilds and conferences a series of fiber art courses covering all kinds of machine embroidery techniques for quilters.  

Her quilt, Dancing in the Light was acquired in June 2010 by the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.

Her book, Thread  Magic Garden, is now available from C&T Publishers. Her  first book, Thread Magic- The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy,  has proved to be a classic text on free motion and fiber art. Recently Ellen has started her own publication company, Thread Magic Studio Press, and has published small classroom books for herself and other teachers.

She has written for numerous fiber arts publications, including Quilting Arts, American Quilter, and Quilter’s Newsletter, Threads and Fiber Arts.

She also consults with stores/artists / and other quilting professionals on how to use social media as free/low cost advertisement. and community building.

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